9.2 Entering External Education Information (Fluid)

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for entering external education information in ctcLink Fluid, using the Admissions Processing section of the CS Staff Homepage.

Audience: Student Services staff.

External Education is a global page. Changes as data updates can impact all colleges. Changes made on this page can affect the student and other colleges. Do not delete data rows from this page--it's not your data--it belongs to the student. If you do not want to bring a particular row of data from this page into your institution's records, then do not fetch the data.

Please ensure your Transcript Evaluator knows they MUST review the upload/download version of the incoming transcript for repeated coursework for Legacy transcripts. Repeated coursework is seen as duplicate by the system and does not load into External Education. For ctcLink transcripts, review the Unofficial Transcript, which is accessible through the Advisor Center.

Entering External Education Information

Navigation: ctcLink CS Staff Homepage > Admissions Processing Tile

  1. The Admissions Processing page displays.
  2. Select the Processing Applications menu.
  3. The Processing Applications menu expands.
  4. Select the External Education sub-menu item.
  5. The Education search page displays to the right.
  6. Enter the value in the ID field.
  7. Select the Search button.
  8. The External Education page displays.
  9. Select the Look Up icon (magnifying glass) for the External Org ID field.
  10. The Look Up External ID page displays.
  11. Input the Description value in the Description field and specify a parameter of "begins with."
  12. Select the Search button.
  13. The Search Results display.
  14. Select the External Org ID value from the search results list.
  1. The External Education page displays.
  2. In the Career Data section, enter data in the following fields:
    • Select the value from the Career drop-down list.
    • Select the value from the Term Type drop-down list.
    • Select the Look Up icon (spyglass) for the External Term field.
    • Select the External Term value.
    • Input the Term Year value.
    • Select the value from the Academic Level drop-down list.
    • Input the From Date value.
    • Input the To Date value.
  1. In the Transcript Status section enter data in the following fields:
    • Select the value from the Action field.
    • Input the Transcript Date value.
    • Input the Date Received value.
    • Select the Transcript Type value.
    • Select the Transcript Status value.
    • Select the Data Source value.
    • Select the Data Medium value.
  1. Leave the Transcript Summary section defaults.
  2. Leave the External Subjects section defaults.
  3. Select the Course and Degrees tab.
  4. Select the Comments link.
    •  Note: The External Education page is global; therefore, this is a page where you can identify that your institution received the transcript. To reduce the time it takes for colleges to manually enter the same information for each student, colleges can request Default Comments via the ctcLink CS Support ticketing system.
  1. The Courses and Degrees page displays.
  2. In the External Course Defaults section, enter data in the following fields:
    • Select the Data Number value.
    • Select External Career value.
    • Select the Data Source value.
    • Select the Term Type value.
    • Select the Acad Level value.
  1. Continued in the External Course Defaults section, enter data in the following fields:
    • Search for and select the External Term value.
    • Search for and determine the Institution value.
    • Input the Term Year value.
    • Select the Course Type value.
    • Select the Course Level.
    • Select the Unit Type value.
    • Leave the Units Taken blank.
    • Select the Grade Scheme value.
    • Search for and select the default Grading Basis value.
    • Select Apply Defaults button.
  1. In the External Course section, enter data in the following fields:
    • Select the Show all columns icon (grid icon to the right of the Transfer Credit/Comments tab).
    • Input the School subject value.
    • Input the Course Nbr.
    • Input the Course Name.
    • Leave the Subject Area field blank.
    • Input the Units taken value.
    • View the Grading Scheme value.
    • View the Grading Basis value.
    • Input the Grade In value.
    • View the Official Grade value.
  1. Continued in the External Course section view that the data has been populated in the following fields:
    • View the Data Number value.
    • View the Term Type value.
    • View the External Term value.
    • View the Term Year value.
    • View the External Career value.
    • View the Data Source value.
    • View the Acad Level value.
    • View the Unit Type value.
    • View the Course Type value.
    • View the Academic Institution.
    • View the Transfer Credit checkbox.
  2. Select the Add Multiple Rows icon (the plus sign) to insert additional external course information.
  3. Input the information for the course.
  4. Select the OK button.
  5. Select the Save button.

External Degrees

  1. External Degrees allows staff to enter information about student degrees associated with the specific External Org IDs. Select the "Show All Columns" icon to expand all columns.
The image highlights the Show All Columns
  1. Enter or look up the Degree, and the Description auto-populates. In the Description field, enter the Degree manually if it is unavailable.
  2. Degree Date: A required field. Enter the date the Degree was earned. In the case of a degree in progress, enter the date the Degree will be awarded.
  3. Data Source: Activate the drop-down menu and choose the appropriate Data Source.
  4. Degree Status: Activate the drop-down menu and choose a status:  Complete, In Progress, Discontinued, Incomplete. "Complete" displays by default.
  5. Honors Category: If applicable, activate the drop-down menu and select the appropriate Honors.
  6. External Subject 1 and External Subject 2: Enter or look up an External Subject to associate with a school subject at your institution, and the Field of Study populates. If the External  Subject is unavailable, manually enter it in the Field of Study field.  
The image highlights the External Subject and Field of Study fields
  1. External Career: Activate the drop-down menu and select the appropriate External Career.
  2. Data Number: Select a Data Number from the drop-down menu. The Data Number is related to the Career Data panel on the External Education tab. In the External Degrees panel, you can enter a new transcript or source of information when you add a new row--associate the degree with the correct Data Number.
The image highlights the External Education page, where you would add another  row in the Career Data section
  1. Select Save in the lower-left corner of the page.

Process complete.


Video Tutorial

The video below demonstrates the process actions described in the steps listed above. There is no audio included with this video. Select the play button to start the video.


Video Tutorial via Panopto

View the external link to Entering External Education Information (Fluid). This link will open in a new tab/window.


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