9.2 View Class Roster (Fluid)

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for viewing the class roster in Fluid, using the Faculty Center section of the CS Staff Homepage.

Audience: Student Services Staff.

My Schedule will display your class schedule for the current term. In this display, you are able to view a different term schedule or class roster.

View Class Roster

Navigation:  ctcLink CS Staff Homepage > Faculty Center Tile

  1. The Faculty Center page displays.
  2. Select the My Schedule menu list item.
  3. Verify you are viewing the correct term and institution.  If necessary, select Change Term to change between terms or institutions.
  4. Select the Class Roster button. (Looks like three figures standing together).
My Schedule page
  1. The Class Roster page displays.
  2. In the Enrollment Status field select the drop-down menu button.
  3. If any students are waitlisted, or have dropped the class, those options will be available to select.
  4. To see all students regardless of Enrollment Status select the All option.
Class Roster page
  1. The Enrollment Status displays.
  2. Choose the Select All button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Select the Notify Selected Students button.
Class Roster page
  1. The Send Notification displays.
  2. Complete the applicable fields.
  3. Select Send Notification.
  4. After confirmation of send, select the Return to Class Roster link.
Send Notification page
  1. The My Schedule page displays.
  2. To view a different term:
    1. Select the Change Term button, if desired.
    2. Select another term and select the Continue button.
My Schedule page
  1. Process complete.


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