9.2 Using Split Codes

Purpose:  Assign aid to student using split codes in ctcLink.

Audience:  Financial Aid staff.

Disbursement split codes define disbursement schemes that tell the system how to divide an award disbursement among terms.  For example, a typical award year is Fall, Winter, Spring -- you would want to split the award disbursements among the three terms.  Usually, more than one split code per disbursement plan exists, depending on how you want the funds to distribute.  The Disbursement Split Code formula set up defines the distribution percentages.  You can define these disbursements on an individual award basis, however, you can also define the award schemes in advance.

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZD FA Award Processing
  • ZD FA Director
  • ZZ FA Award Processing
  • ZZ FA Award Processor

If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

Using Split Codes

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigation > Financial Aid > Awards > Award Processing > Assign Awards to a Student

  1. The Award Entry Search Criteria search page displays.
  2. Enter the desired ID.
  3. Enter the desired Academic Institution.
  4. Enter the desired Award Year.
  5. Select the Search button.
award entry search criteria page
  1. The Award Entry page displays.
  2. Enter the desired award number into the NUM field.
  3. Enter the desired action code into the Action Code field: B or O.
  4. Enter the desired item type into the Item Type field.
  5. Enter the desired award amount into the Offered field.
  6. Tab over to the accepted field, and ensure the amount entered into the Offered field carries over to the Accepted field.
  7. Note the disbursement plan defaults to either the 9-month (01) the 12-month (09) award year, and the Split Code defaults to the AY split code option - which is the Academic Year, even disbursement split option - the award will be split 3-ways evenly on a 9-month disbursement plan, or will be split 4-ways evenly on a 12-month disbursement plan.
  8. Select the Validate button.
  9. Select the Disbursement hyperlink.
disbursement hyperlink split code award page
  1. The Award Disbursement Detail pagelet displays.
  2. Note in the Disbursement distribution, the award split evenly among the three terms on a 9-month disbursement plan (AY), F, W, Sp.
  3. Select OK to return to the award screen.
split code 3 terms
  1. The Award Entry page re-displays.
  2. When satisfied with the award select Post.
disbursement hyperlink split code award page

For this next example, let's assume the you have confirmed the student will not attend the winter quarter, and the private outside donor has instructed you to award the entire full scholarship in two terms.  As long as any portion of the award has not fully disbursed, you can use a split code here without having to re-do the entire award.

  1. On the Award Entry page, B the award, and tab over from the Offered to the Accepted field.
  2. Select the Split Code field, and enter the desired split code - issuing the award in Fall and Spring only (F5).
  3. Select the Validate button.  
  4. Select the Disbursement hyperlink - review the new distribution scheme, distributed evenly in F and Sp.
  5. Select the OK button to return to the award page.
award disbursement detail pagelet
  1. The Award Entry page displays.
  2. When satisfied with your award and its disbursement distribution, select the Post button.
select the post button
  1. End of procedure.


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