9.2 Approving a Name Change

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to approve a name change in ctcLink.

Audience: Human Resources Specialist

IMPORTANT: Before you begin this process, be sure to run the query QHC_HR_SS_APPROVALS_PNDG_RPT to retrieve the list of employees requesting a name change.

Approving a Name Change

Navigation: NavBar > Navigator > Workforce Administration > Self-Service Transactions > Name Change

  1. The Name Change search page displays.
  2. Enter the Empl ID.
  3. Select Search.
Find an Existing Value tab
  1. The Name Change page displays.
  2. Review the Current Name and the New Name change information.
  3. Select one of the three options listed in the Administrator Actions section.
  4. Select Save.
Name Change page, Administrator Actions section
  1. Process complete.