9.2 Researching a Single Item

Purpose:  To research a single item using ctcLink.

Audience:  Accounts Receivable staff

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZC AR Customer Maintenance
  • ZD AR Inquiry
  • ZZ AR Customer Maintenance

If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

There may be occasion to research a single item in ctcLink Receivables. A single item in Receivables is based on:

  • an invoice,
  • a debit memo,
  • or a credit memo.

Receivables enables you to research a significant amount of detail concerning a single item in a short amount of time by grouping the information.

In this topic, you will retrieve item information and record your conversation with a customer regarding the item.

Researching a Single Item

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Accounts Receivable > Customer Accounts > Customer Information > Outstanding Payments

  1. The Outstanding Customer Payments search page displays.
  2. Enter SetID.
  3. Enter Unit.
  4. Enter Customer.
  5. Select Payment State.
  6. Select Search.
Outstanding Customer Payments search page
  1. The Outstanding Customer Payments page displays.  Use it to specify the customer payment information that you want to view. This page displays the payments that have been received but not posted.
  2. Select the Balance link.
Outstanding Customer Payments page
  1. The Customer Item Inquiry page displays.
  2. Use the Item List tab to build or view a list of items for a customer that matches your search criteria.
  3. Use the Level list to include items for the customer group to which your customer belongs.
  4. Use the Status list to select the status of the given item.
  5. Select the desired link in the Item column.
Customer Item Inquiry page
  1. The Item Maintenance page displays.
  2. Use the Detail 1 tab to change discount, payment, or draft options for an item. This page enables you to put an item in dispute or collections, mark an item as a deduction, and assign item owners.
  3. You can use this page to set the revaluation flag and make an item available for AR/AP netting.
  4. Select the Item Activity tab.
Item Maintenance page
  1. The Item Activity tab displays.  Use it to review all activity records for an item.
  2. Notice that the payment for the selected item has not been received.
  3. Select the Add Conversation link.
Item Activity tab
  1. The Conversations page displays.  Use it to add a new conversation or update an existing conversation.
  2. Use the Status list to select the status of the conversation.
  3. Select the Description field to specify the purpose of a conversation.  Enter the desired information into the Description field.
  4. Select the Subject field and enter the desired information.
  5. Select the Sub-Topic field and enter the desired information.
  6. Select the Contact ID field and enter the desired information.
  7. Use the Customer Visible check box to control the visibility of the conversation you create. Select the Customer Visible option.
  8. Select the Comments field and enter the desired information.
  9. Select the References tab.
Conversations page
  1. The References tab displays.  Use it to define new reference qualifiers for identifying items.
  2. The Qualifier links a conversation to any number of items, documents, or deductions.
  3. Select the Qualifier field and enter the desired information.

When you press Enter after entering a value in the Qualifier field, the Reference ID field becomes available. Use the Reference ID field to specify the Item ID to which you want to link the conversation.

  1. Select the Reference ID field and enter the desired information.
  2. Select the Conversations tab.
References tab
  1. The Conversations tab displays.
  2. Use the Review Days field to specify the number of days until the next scheduled review.
  3. Select OK.
Conversations tab
  1. Process complete.


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