Payment Status

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference for payment application.

Audience:  Accounts Receivable staff

Payment   Status


A payment was entered through a regular or express deposit or electronically by lockbox, EDI, bank statement, or a cash drawer receipt.  A payment ID was entered but no customer or payment reference information was provided. You can change all payment information.
Payment reference information or a customer identifier was provided upon entry. This occurs for regular deposits on the Regular Deposit - Payments page or on the Worksheet Selection page. The system identifies electronic payments by magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) ID, a customer ID, or any of the payment references.
If you delete a worksheet, the payment status reverts to Identified.
Identified - Express
Item or payment reference information was provided on the Express Deposit - Payments page. The payment is linked to an item or items, but not set to post. You can change all payment information.
Directly Journaled
The payment was entered in a regular deposit and marked for direct journaling. The status changes when you mark accounting entries complete after entering the user-defined line on the Accounting Entries page.
The payment has a saved worksheet that is not set to post. If any payment in a deposit has this status, you cannot change any deposit information, payment amounts, dates, or IDs. If accounting entries have not been created, you can change identifying information for the payment.
The payment has been applied, and either accounting entries were created online or the payment is set to post on the Worksheet Action page. If any payment in a deposit has this status, you cannot change any deposit or payment information.
The Receivable Update process has successfully posted the payment. After a payment has been marked Complete, you can only inquire on it. To change it, you must unpost the payment group.


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