9.2 Using Embedded Charting

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference on how to use embedded charting in ctcLink.

Audience:  Finance and Business Office staff

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZZ General Ledger Inquiry
  • ZZ GL Local Configuration

If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

Using Embedded Charting

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > General Ledger > Review Financial Information > Compare Across Ledgers 

  1. The Compare Across Ledgers search page displays.
  2. Select the Add a New Value tab.
  3. Enter Inquiry Name.
  4. Select Add.
Compare Across Ledgers Add a Neew Value tab
  1. The Compare Across Ledgers page displays.
  2. Enter Unit.
  3. Enter Ledgers.  Enter the ledgers and the criteria for the two ledgers you want to compare and save the page. The grid appears in which you can select specific ChartFields and criteria that you want to be included in your comparison.
  4. Enter Year.
  5. Enter From Period.
  6. Enter To Period.
  7. Enter Amount to Display.
  8. Enter Percentage/Amount.  Select whether you want the variance between the ledgers to display as an amount or a percentage in the comparison information.  If you select "Amount", the Display Chart field becomes available.
  9. Check the Display Chart checkbox to display an analytical chart.  If you selected Amount in the previous field, when you select Search, you can scroll down to view a bar chart below the comparison data that shows a comparison between the amounts in Ledger 1 and Ledger 2 along with the variance between the two.
  10. Select Search.
Compare Across Ledgers page
  1. The Period tab and, optionally, the Chart sections at the bottom of the page populate.
  2. Select Save.
Compare Across Ledgers Period tab and Chart
  1. Process complete.


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