9.2 ESS W-4 Withholding

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for using the Employee Self Service W4 PDF Form (that can be updated) functionality in ctcLink.

Audience: Employees.

Employee Self-Service W-4 Withholding

Navigation:  Employee Self Service (Homepage) > Payroll (Tile)

Employee Self Service tiles, Payroll tile selection
  1. The Payroll page displays.
  2. Select the Tax Withholding tile.
ESS Payroll tiles, Tax Withholding tile selectionle
  1. The Tax Withholding page displays. On the page you will see information for Federal Tax Withholding and State Tax Withholding.   (NOTE:  If you are eligible for State Tax Withholding (other than Washington State), your college Human Resources Department will need to complete the required setup in ctcLink for the W-4 Form to be available to you).
  2. Select the Federal Withholding Details by the arrow on the far right.


Tax withholding page
  1. Select the Federal Withholding Allowance Certificate.
Form Description
  1. A warning message will pop up, review the message then select OK to proceed with downloading the W-4 PDF on your computer.
Warning message
  1. Depending on the web browser you are using (e.g. Firefox or Chrome), you maybe prompted to save the PDF (e.g. PYTWF_FEDE.pdf) in another location on your PC or it will be automatically saved in your local Downloads folder. The downloaded PDF may also appear at the bottom of your web browser, which should NOT be used because the Submit option would NOT be available.
Federal tax withholding forms pagelet
  1. Select Downloads file from PC, use Save As to rename file and save to preferred file.  
Example of file management, save as
  1. Once you have used the Save As option, open the PDF file.
  2. Fields in the form are now "fillable" and the green Submit button is available. NOTE: If using the downloaded PDF file from the browser, you will NOT be able to fill in the fields or submit. (NOTE:  YOU MAY NEED TO DOWNLOAD ADOBE ACROBAT)
  3. When finished with updates, select Submit.
Example of W-4 PDF file
  1. A security warning may pop up.  Review and then select Allow.
Security warning message
  1. When submitted, you will be asked to enter credentials/log on information for ctcLink.  DO NOT USE YOUR PC LOG ON AND PASSWORD.   If you use the incorrect credentials, the window will NOT close and the password field will stay blank. ctcLink password may need to be reset. IF your ctcLink password needs to be changed, refer to the Activating Your ctcLink Account QRG.  IF you already have a ctcLink password set up, you may need to go in and answer security questions.  
Acrobat, PDF Log on, credentials
  1. Download Status window opens.  You may receive a warning message, review message then select OK.
Message example
  1. A confirmation downloads and opens on your computer. The first page is confirming that the changes you have made to your Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate have been successfully submitted. The rest of the pages include a copy of the changes you submitted as well as other W-4 Form information.
Confirmation page
  1. You can save a copy of confirmation - Use Save As and save to your PC.
Example of save as for confirmation page
  1. The process to submit changes to W-4 Withholding is now complete.


Connie Poleski

When I download, there is not a "save as" option described in step 8. When I try opening the downloaded file from the "Downloads" file on the PC and using "save as" doesn't bring up a usable document with a submit button.

Corinne Taylor

Hi Connie,
A few questions: Did you go to your Download files and proceed to Save As and rename the file? If yes, were you able to open the PDF version? Please note: Do not use the file that downloads to the bottom of your screen! You MUST go to the Download file to Save As for the form to come up with the Submit button.
If you are still having issues with the form that has the Submit button, please let me know and we can walk through the process. Thank you!

Connie Poleski

No, I did not try to open from the pop-up at the bottom of the screen. I tried to from the download folder on my computer. There is not a submit button when the document opens up.

Corinne Taylor

Connie, if you would like more information and to walk through the process, please contact me at [email protected]

Fleda Cueto Ramos

Hi Corinne,
I am having the same issue, as Connie. I have tried it different times and has saved in as different names, but the Submit button does not show up in the bottom. I am able to fill out the form, but no "Submit" button appears. Can you please help? Thank you! Fleda

Kainat Joyan

I have completed all the process and when I checked and printed the updated file for myself there isn't any signature. But on the original file I did my signature. Is it still fine?

Jerry Lambert

Hi Kainat,
If you received the Confirmation (Step 15), then you should be fine.

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