HCM Employee Self-Service Tile Overview

Purpose:  Use this document to review actions associated with Fluid Tiles for HCM Employee Self-Service.

Audience:  College Employees

PLEASE NOTE:  Dependent on Security Roles assigned to you, some tiles may not be available to you.  Questions?  Contact your college Security Team.

Careers Tile

  • View open positions
Careers Fluid Tile

Time Tile

  • Enter time
  • Time summary
  • Exceptions
  • Report time
  • Payable time
  • Request absence
  • Cancel absence
  • CTC time
Time Fluid Tile

Payroll Tile

  • View paycheck details
  • Review your tax withholds
  • View and print your W-2
  • Review and edit your direct deposit information
  • Paycheck Modeler:  use to calculate hypothetical check by changing earnings, deductions, etc.
Payroll Fluid Tile

Immunization Attestation

  • COVID-19 vaccination attestation
Immunization Attestation Fluid Tile

Benefit Details Tile

  • Benefits summary
Benefits Details Fluid Tile

Personal Details Tile

  • Addresses
  • Contact details
  • Name
  • Ethnic groups
  • Emergency contacts
  • Additional information
  • Disability
  • Veterans status
Personal Details Fluid Tile



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