HCM Employee Self Service Homepage

Purpose: Use this document to become acquainted with the various tiles associated with the HCM Employee Self-Service Homepage.

Audience: All Staff

Employee Self Service Homepage SBCTC Careers, Benefit Details, Payroll, Personal Details, Immunization Attestation, Time Tiles
SBCTC Careers
ESS Careers page
Benefit Details


ESS Benefit details, benefit tab

Benefits Summary

ESS Benefit Details Benefit Summary
Payroll Homepage
CTC Sick Leave Buyout Consent page


ESS Payroll Paychecks page

Compensation History

ESS Payroll Compensation History page
ESS Payroll W-2/W-2c Consent page

W-2/W-2c Forms

ESS Payroll W-2/W-2c Forms

Direct Deposit

ESS Payroll Direct Deposit page

Tax Withholding

ESS Payroll Tax Withholding page

Paycheck Modeler

ESS Payroll Paycheck modeler
Personal Details
ESS Personal Details Homepage


ESS Personal Details Addresses page

Contact Details

ESS Personal Details Contact Details page


ESS Personal Details Name page

Ethnic Groups

ESS Personal Details Ethnic Groups page

Emergency Contacts

ESS Personal Details Emergency Contacts page

Additional Information

ESS Personal Details Additional Information page


ESS Personal Details Disability page

Veteran Status

ESS Personal Details Veteran Status page
Immunization Attestation
ESS Immunization Attestaation page
ESS Time Homepage
Enter Time
ESS Time Enter Time page
Time Summary

Reported Time

ESS Time Time Summary Reported Time page

Payable Time

ESS Time Summary Payable Time page
Report Time
ESS Time Report Time page
Payable Time


ESS Time Payable Time Summary page


ESS Time Payable Time Detail page
Request Absence
ESS Time Request Absence page
Cancel Absences
ESS Time Cancel Absence page
View Requests
ESS Time View Requests page
Absence Balances
ESS Time Absence Balances page
CTC Time


ESS Time CTC Time Timesheet

Overtime Requests

ESS Time CTC Time Overtime Requests

Comp Time Balances

ESS Time CTC Time Balances

Monthly Schedule

ESS Time CTC Time Monthly Schedule


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