9.2 Requesting Preferred Name

Purpose:  Use this document to request a preferred a name change in Employee Self Service. (This action will initiate a change, HR will approve and make final changes in system).

Audience:  Employees

  1. On the Employee Self Service Homepage, select the Personal Details tile.
Employee Self Service home page
  1. On the Personal Details page, select the Name menu item on the left side of screen.
  2. Select the arrow to the right of the Current Name, to open the Name page.
Personal Details page
  1. On the Name page, enter the Effective Date.
  2. Select the Preferred Name in the Name Format field.  This will prompt the Preferred First and Last name fields to appear and will default with the legal first and last names.
  3. Enter the Preferred First Name.
  4. Enter the Preferred Last Name (or leave default last name if no change is needed).
  5. Select Save.
Name page

The request has now been successfully sent to HR for approval and processing.

Personal details page


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