9.2 Print Friendly Student Schedule

Purpose: This document will help you print student schedules through the Manage Classes tile on the ctcLink Student Homepage.

Audience:  Students.

Navigation:  Student Homepage > Manage Classes Tile

Manage Classes tile selection
  1. The View My Classes page displays your scheduled classes.
  2. Select the Printable Page button.
Printable page button selection
  1. The View My Classes pagelet displays.
  2. Select the Print button.
select the Print button
  1. The Print-Friendly version of View My Classes pagelet displays.
  2. Select the Print button to send to the printer and follow instructions for your specific printer settings to complete.
Print Friendly page select print button
  1. You have successfully printed your student schedule.
  2. End of procedure.

Staff can also print a student's schedule through NavBar > Navigator > Campus Community > Student Services Ctr (Student).  Select the My Class Schedule link on the left side of the page and then the appropriate term to continue; the Printer Friendly Page link is located at the bottom of the page.


Leon Golden-Novak

This navigation is for someone to print their own schedule, not for staff to print a student's schedule. This should mention that staff would go to NavBar > Navigator > Campus Community > Student Services Ctr (Student), look the student up, then click on "My Class Schedule" on the left, select the term, then at the bottom-right click on "Printer Friendly Page".

However, I'm concerned that there doesn't appear to be a way to print a schedule with tuition/fee information on it.

Tanjagay Martin

Hi Leon, Thank you for your comment. There is a statement that your SF folks can generate for a student. The QRG 9.2 Generate Student Statement can provide details. http://ctclinkreferencecenter.ctclink.us/m/92556/l/1076702-9-2-generate-student-statements. Thank you so much! Have a great day.

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