9.2 View My Exam Schedule

Purpose:  Use this document to reference how to view exam schedules through the Manage Classes tile on the ctcLink Student Homepage.

Audience: Students; Student Services staff

View My Exam Schedule

Navigation:  Student Homepage

  1. Select the Manage Classes Tile.
    • The Manage Classes menu is displayed on the left. 
  2. Select the View My Exam Schedulelink on the left menu.
    • If the student is enrolled in more than one term or college, a college/term selector will appear. If not, the Student Exam Schedule page will display.
Collect Term Selector page
  1. Select the value for the Term/College to view exam schedule (if applicable).
  2. To change to a different college/term select the Change Term button (if applicable)to display the Term/College selection page.
  3. Select a new value for the Term/College to view the Exam schedule for that term/college (if applicable) to display the Student Exam Schedule page.
Student Exam Schedule page
  1. Process complete.


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