9.2 Update Emergency Contacts

Purpose:  Use this document to reference how to update a student's emergency contacts through the Profile tile on the ctcLink Student Homepage.

Audience:  Students; Student Services staff.

Update Emergency Contacts

Navigation:  Student Homepage

  1. Select the Profile tile.
Student Home page
  1. The Personal Details page displays.
  2. Select Emergency Contacts.
Personal Details page
  1. The Emergency Contacts page displays.
  2. Select a Contact to update, or select + to create a new contact.
Emergency Contacts page
  1. The Add Contact page displays.
  2. Enter Name.
  3. Enter Relationship.
  4. If appropriate, check the Preferred checkbox.
  5. Enter Primary Phone Number.
  6. If appropriate, select Add Phone to add additional phone number(s).
  7. Select Save.
Add Contact page
  1. The updated Emergency Contacts page displays.
updated Emergency Contacts page
  1. Process complete.


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