Student Permissions (HCX)

Purpose:  Use as a reference for how to view student permissions within financial aid in your Student Center using the college Mobile Application.

Audience:  Students.

Student Permissions

  1. Log into your college Mobile application.
  2. Navigate to the Dashboard.
  3. The My Links navigation displays on the left.
  4. To grant Student Permission for Financial Aid to be applied to a term other than the current term, select Financials from the menu items.
  5. The Financials menu expands.
  6. Select the Student Permissions options from the list.
Student permission menu
  1. The Student Permissions page displays.
  2. Select the Grant Permissions button.
Grant permission button
  1. The Grant Permissions agreement displays.
  2. Review and select the Next button.
Agreement page
  1. An Authorization message displays.
  2. Review and select the "Yes, I have read the agreement" checkbox.
  3. Select the Submit button.
Agreement page
  1. If your form was submitted correctly, you will receive a confirmation message.
Confirmation page
  1. If you have already completed the Student Agreement, you will see the Display Student Agreement button.
  2. When you select the Display Student Agreement button you can view the agreement details.
Student Permission Display Student Agreement
  1. The Student Permission Agreement displays for your review.
Student Permission Agreement
  1. Process complete.

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