Update Privacy Restrictions

Purpose:  Use this document to reference updating a student's privacy restrictions through the Profile tile on the ctcLink Student Homepage.

Audience:  Students; Student Services staff.

Update Privacy Restrictions

Navigation:  Student Homepage

  1. Select the Profile tile.
  2. The Personal Details page displays.
  3. Select Privacy Restrictions, located on the left side of screen.
  4. The Privacy Restrictions page displays.
  5. To expand the FERPA Block section, select the arrow, located to the far right of screen.
  6. The Edit Restriction pagelet displays.
  7. Select the Restricted check box.
  8. Select Save in the upper-right corner.
  9. The Privacy Restrictions page displays.
  10. You can also restrict data by selecting the Restrict All button.
  11. The Restrict All Data section displays as Restricted with a red icon in the upper right corner of the FERPA Block section.
  12. Select Confirm.

Process complete.

Please get in touch with your college if you require immediate assistance with ctcLink. Check out the contact information and highlights for each community and technical college.