Payment Plan Enrollment

Purpose: Use this document to reference how to enroll in a Payment Plan through the Financial Account tile on the ctcLink Student Homepage.

Audience: Students; Student Services staff.

Payment Plan Enrollment

  1. Navigate to the Student Homepage, then select the Financial Account tile.
  2. The Account Balance page displays.
  3. Select the Account Services button on the left menu to expand and show the Enroll in Payment Plan options:
    1. Nelnet Payment Plan
    2. Enroll in Payment Plan
  4. The Select Payment Plan options will become available.
  5. If eligible to enroll in a payment plan, please select the appropriate plan and enroll.  

Note - Payment Plan must already be setup and self-service configured.

Payment Plan Walk Through (not Nelnet)

  1. After selecting Enroll in Payment Plan, the 1. Select Payment Plan page displays and is the first of four plan enrollment steps.
  2. Select the applicable plan by selecting the radio button and then select Next.
  3. The 2. Review Installments page displays.
  4. After confirming the Installment Schedule, Administrative Fee, term, and dates - continue by selecting the Next button.
  5. The 3. Agreement page displays below.
  6. Confirm that you understand the agreement by selecting the 'Yes, I have read the agreement' check box.
  7. Select the Enroll button.
  8. The 4. Result page displays.
  9. The page shows that the you are now enrolled in the payment plan.

Process complete.


Rene Jimenez

You are not currently eligible to enroll in any payment plans. It what is show me when I try enroll

Alec Risk

Hi Rene,
We recommend that you contact your institution, specifically your Business Office, to further assist you with enrolling in a Payment Plan.
Thank you!

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