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Purpose: Use this document as a reference for requesting transcripts using mobile in ctcLink.  The college mobile applications will look a bit different between the various colleges. This guide is intended as a general overview. Please note that your college may have different images and options available.  

Audience: Student Records Staff.

Note: The option for Requesting a Transcript is only available at select colleges. If you are unable to request a transcript through the mobile application, go to Enrollment Services on your college campus or to your college's website to process transcript request.

  1. Launch your mobile application.
  2. Pick Your College from the list if more than one is available.
Pick Your College screen
  1. The selected College page displays.
  2. Select the Login tile.
Login Screen on Main page
  1. The Login pagelet displays.
  2. Login using your ctcLink ID and Password.
ctcLink login page
  1. The Dashboard displays.
  2. Select the Menu icon.
Menu icon
  1. The My Links menus displays on the left.
  2. Scroll down and select the Academics menu.
My Links screen
  1. The Academics menu expands.
  2. Select the Request Transcript option.
Academics Request Transcript option
  1. The Request Transcript page displays.
  2. Choose the processing time you would like from the drop-down menu.
Request Transcript screen
  1. Enter the Quantity you are requesting.
Request Transcipt Quanity
  1. Select your recipient from the drop-down menu.
Request Transcript Select Recipient
  1. If you select My Address you will select one of your addresses in the system.
Address screen
  1. If you select Send To a form will appear where you can manually enter the address you would like the transcript sent to.
Select Address section
  1. After entering applicable address information, select the Submit button.
Incomplete address will delay your request page
  1. The Request Confirmation displays.
  2. View your transcript request details.
Request Confirmation page
  1. Process complete.


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