View/Consent 1098-T

Purpose: Use this document to reference how to view and consent for 1098-T through the Financial Account tile on the ctcLink Student Homepage.

Audience: Students; Student Services staff.

Please contact your college if you require immediate assistance with ctcLink.

Federal law requires institutions to send Form 1098-T to tuition-paying students by January 31st.

Navigation: Student Homepage

  1. Select the Financial Account tile.
  2. The Account Balance page displays.
  3. Select the 1098-T drop-down option on the left side navigation.
  4. Select the View 1098-T sub-menu.
  5. Available 1098-T's display.
  6. A button allowing you to consent to view your 1098-T online becomes available if you have not viewed your 1098-T already.
  7. Select the Grant Consent button.
  8. The 1098-T Consent Agreement displays.
  9. Select the 'Yes, I have read the agreement' checkbox.
  10. Select the Submit button.
  11. Select the View 1098-T Selection button.
  12. You may now select the appropriate Tax Year hyperlink to view the corresponding 1098-T.
  13. Process complete.

Video Tutorial

The video below demonstrates the process actions described in steps listed above. There is no audio included with this video. Select the play button to start the video.

Video Tutorial Via Panopto

View the external link to View/Consent 1098-T. This link will open in a new tab/window.


Heather Mahoney

What should I do if it says I don’t have a 1098-T?

Mark Azmi

I went through the steps but its showing empty in my ctclink i don't have 1098-T.
So what i should do?

Joe Palczak

This just did not work.
I don't have a Form 1098 visible to view.
I don't have an "Account services" tab on the left. Instead, I just see a tab called "Other Account Services". When I open that, it leads me to nowhere?

Alec Risk

Hello All,
Please contact your local institution with further questions regarding your 1098-T. By federal law, colleges are required to provide you with your 1098-T by January 31st which is likely why many of you do not have "Data Available."

Raelyn Dennis

My 1098-T is not showing.

Taevion Swift

Hey Im checking the Financial aid page for the 1098-T and it’s still not up there; Yet today is the 31st, is there a specific time that it should be up? I would like to file my taxes at an appropriate time.

George Kirima

I still do not have my 1098t yet on my ctclink account. I inquired from the cashiers office and they send it will be sent out by the state board.
Who should I contact?

nadia carmack

i see other comments saying theyve not got the form but all are prior to 31,january 2023. what am i to do if ive not gotten one and that sate has passed?

Alec Risk

Hello All, Please contact your local institution with further questions regarding your 1098-T. Your college will be able to further assist you with your 1098-T questions.


Can I get my 1098T sent over via email

Alec Risk

Hi Sydney,
Due to IRS requirements, 1098-T's are not currently able to be sent via email.
The two options you have are printed and sent to your mailing address or receiving it electronically via your Student Portal.
Please contact your local college with any 1098-T questions.
Thank you,
Alec Risk

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