Mobile (HCX) - Apply for/View Graduation

Purpose: Use as a reference for how to Apply for or View your Graduation status using the college Mobile Application.

Audience: Students.

The college mobile applications will look a bit different between the various colleges. This guide is intended as a general overview. Please note that your college may have different images and options available.

Apply for/View Graduation

  1. Log into HCX.
  2. Select the Academics menu from the sidebar navigation.
  3. Select the Apply for/View Graduation from the sidebar menu.
Academics menu
  1. The Apply for/View Graduation page displays to the right.  Notice the Status is Eligible to Apply for Graduation.
  2. Select the Apply for Graduation button.
Apply for/View Graduation page
  1. Select the application Program from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select the Term from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the Apply button.
Apply for Graduation drop-down menus
  1. The Confirm Application pop-up message displays.
  2. Confirm your request by selecting the Apply button.
Confirm Application pop-up window
  1. The Graduation Details pop-up window displays.
  2. Select the [X] to close the pop-up window.
Graduation Details pop-up window
  1. The Apply for/View Graduation page displays with an updated Status of Applied for Graduation.
Applied for Graduation status
  1. You have successfully applied for/view graduation.
  2. Process complete.


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