SF DL Blast 10/31/2023

Please take a moment to review the important updates below from your State Board Student Financials team.

  • 1098T Season has officially started!
    • The first training is already behind us, you can find the recording & slide deck here.
    • Please have your 1098T homework finished prior to the next work/training session.  The homework was running statements in the PCD environment.
    • If you haven’t already, please send out the Electronic Consent to view 1098Ts and the SSN/Tin Request communications today!  If you have any letter template updates, please submit your ticket for us to update those ASAP.
  • Tuition Rates update 2024-2025: Not until February 2024
    • Tuition rates will be released from the State Board (at the earliest) in February 2024, the SF Team is planning on assisting with this tedious update.
  • Winter/Spring Term roll
    • Keep in mind that the Winter term is just around the corner!  Have you rolled your fees from fall…? Are your payment plans ready/set up? Don’t forget, the Reference Center has a Term Rollover Checklist!
    • Please submit a ticket to SF Team when Winter term is ready to be added to your nightly tuition calculation jobs!
  • Third Party Contracts & Payment Plans
    • It is essential to always make adjustments using the provided plan adjustment methods. Please avoid the practice of simply reversing a TPC payment or charge (or the corresponding Payment Plan charge/payment item type).
    • Engaging in activities outside the intended functionality of these features can lead to intricate and costly problem resolution. Moreover, the solution will necessitate the involvement of four teams and an extended time-frame compared to the standard resolution process.
  • Conversion Account/Deployment Issues & clean up
    • For conversion account issues that require more attention than you/your team can allocate, please don't hesitate to submit a ticket. We're here to collaborate with you in resolving any complexities from the go-live terms.
  • Financial Aid Revision Payment & Charge (FARP/FARC)
    • When making Financial Aid Revisions that affect a student's aid refund, it is generally advisable to post the FARP/FARC item types to transfer the balance from the refund line to the relevant charge line. This revision process necessitates prompt communication between the Financial Aid Office and the Student Financials Office. In specific scenarios, there may be a need to reverse the FARP/FARC item types, such as when aid is returned for the corresponding term. We encourage you to establish this as a routine practice within your student services area.
  • Second Journal Set update:
    • The development of the updated SJS process is progressing smoothly, and you can anticipate receiving further communications in the weeks ahead. A new Quick Reference Guide (QRG) and a round of college validation will play a crucial role in this revision. We are enthusiastic about the enhanced automation, improved timeliness, and the introduction of detailed reporting that this revision will bring about.
  • Upcoming Trainings/work sessions - MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!
    • 11/9 CPL presentation FIN AID/SF
      • Important presentation on item types for those who perform any of the following duties:  award/disburse financial aid, troubleshoot/review student accounts, or refund excess aid.
      • This session is a starting point to working with the State Board to ensure that item types have the proper charge priority lists.
    • 1098T Work Session Series
      • Note your calendars that on November 15th, the second session will be held at 1:00pm. Discussion topics will consist of item types, testing in PCD, and a question/answer session.
    • 11/20 SF Term Roll Fundamentals


What kind of music do mummies like listening to on Halloween?

    Wrap music

What do you call it, when students are notified that their 1098-T statement is ready to view, but when they go to check it’s actually not ready yet?

    A 1098-Tease


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