SF DL Blast 3/25/2024


  • 2024/2025 Tuition Rate Updates
    • Kudos to those who have reached out to set up a time to work with the SF Team on this important annual update! We are tracking these updates better, finding EVEN more to validate, and enjoying the sleuthing time with you all during these meetings.
    • As a reminder, this meeting with the SF Team is to validate that all facets of the tuition rate update process have been reviewed & touched. We offer the additional ability to copy in the new year’s fee to the fall term  but you still may update fees manually if you wish.
      • We would like to hear from the following CTCs to set up a meeting time: WA040, WA090, WA120, WA171/172, WA190, WA200, WA210, WA220, WA240, WA280, & WA300
      • To initiate this discussion and schedule this meeting, please submit a ticket with the subject line "2425 Rate Rollover  WAxxx," using the request type of "ctcLink Support > Student Financials > SF: Turn on Tuition Calc."
  • 1098T Statement Federal Deadline Reminder
    • March 31st is the final day to electronically upload student 1098T data into the Federal FIRE System
    • AND  when creating your transmittal files, please select the “Print & Transmit” option so as to include students who did not consent in self-service.
  • Keywords (item type field config update)
    • The SF and FA support teams are collaborating to enhance the Keyword 1 field with placeholder values to improve transparency in IPEDS reporting.
    • Keyword 3 is also undergoing updates to include Global/Local/DoNotUse/SBCTC values, aiding in the identification of a global list of item types and standardizing descriptions.
    • Kindly note that the homework is due by March 29.


Thank you for taking the time to review this information. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further clarification ([email protected].)


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