SF DL Blast 4/23/2024


  • ctcLink upgrade and Cashiers Office closing
    • PeopleTools 8.59.21 upgrade this Saturday, April 27 (ctcLink will be unavailable during the updating process.)
    • Cancel all jobs (See the Process Take-Down Instruction QRG) and nightly reports in advance of the system take down.
    • Cashier’s Offices must be closed by noon on Friday the 26th.
    • State Board SF Support will run Student and Cashiering Fund Balance Jobs at 1:00p, sharp Friday afternoon (4/26/24).
  • BAR meeting & 1098T survey
    • The Spring 2024 meeting is taking place at Big Bend Community college April 25th and 26th, we look forward to seeing you there!
    • We're collecting information for a presentation specifically addressing the processing of 1098T statements in ctcLink.
      • If you are involved, we want to hear from you - please take the survey: 1098T Survey
        • Big thanks and kudos to those of you who already responded!
  • CyberSource
    • Updating security keys
      • CyberSource security keys must be updated every 2 years or payments cannot be made.
      • To update keys, let us know via a ticket as SF Support owns that config page.
      • Campus CE payment keys need to be updated directly with the CE Team.
    • Repeated payment attempts
      • Kindly remind students to avoid repeatedly attempting multiple payments in CyberSource, especially if they encounter an error message. This will help prevent further complications and ensure smoother processing of their transactions.
  • Missing journal I.D.s
    • If you don’t see your journals by 9am, feel free to reach out to the State Board via the BAR listserv or [email protected].


  • Turn on Tuition Calculation
    • When ready, please submit a ticket to turn on Summer & Fall nightly tuition calculation jobs. This should be prior to your registration opening for the term(s).
    • Ticket request type = ctcLink Support > Student Financials > SF: Turn on Tuition Calc with the Subject: WA### Tuition Calc for 224X Fall Term
  • Key Words:
    • The SF and FA support teams are collaborating to enhance the Keyword fields with placeholder values to improve transparency for reporting.
    • Please confirm that your institution has reviewed and submitted the requested homework.
  • Item type form & approving
    • Please use the active link in the Solar Winds item type ticket to ensure that you have the latest version needed to request accurate updates to your item types. This sheet has been updated quite frequently lately.
    • When item types need to be approved, please make sure staff with that responsibility have appropriate Solar Winds access so that validation of approval can be made quickly/efficiently.
  • NelNET plans
    • Please consider if next term's NelNET payment plan is ready for prime time.  Any/all new plan information should be shared with the SF Team for configuration updates prior to activity.
    • AND  when experiencing issues with NelNET, please open tickets with both the NelNET team and the SF Team so that we can track and assist when appropriate.
  • Alternative Loan processing
    • When payments from loan processors are received, please utilize the CS Pillar Collect Department Receipt process using the Speed Types cashiering process to ensure proper posting in the General Ledger.
    • Please remember not to directly post Alternative Loans to student accounts; they should be disbursed through Financial Aid.
    • Awarding and Processing Alternative Loans (FA-SF)

SF TRAININGS & WORK SESSIONS (Recording/meeting links):

Thank you for taking the time to review this information. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further clarification ([email protected].)



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