SF DL Blast 2/15/2024


  • SJS
    • Second Journal Set enhancement deployed to production on 2/12/2024.
    • Action is required from all colleges on this enhancement prior to February 20th.
    • Please visit the Canvas Work Session page or contact the SF Team with any questions.
    • The item type form has been updated and now includes the second journal set activity field.
      • All CTCs can update their own SJS item types through 2/20, after that, this new item type form is required for submittal.
  • 24-25 Tuition Rates
    • Rates have been approved by the S.B.C.T.C.
    • Working from last year’s success, the State Board SF Team will again ask to meet with colleges to assist with updating ctcLink with these new fees. We anticipate these meetings to begin in March, please keep an eye out for additional information.
    • You are welcome to roll or copy fees as needed; this step is the responsibility of the CTCs.
  • B06 & B09 Service Indicators & in person payments
    • The possibility exists that accounts with the B06 and/or B09 Service Indicators can receive in person payments through the Cashier’s Office.
    • To rectify this, attach the NOCHK, NOCSH, NOCRD, and NOEFT Service Impact to the B06 & B09 Service Indicators.
  • View Payments page and security
    • Student Financials>Charges & Payments>View Payments
    • There was a change made to one role regarding the below navigation (View Payments). This access has been added to the ZD SF Customer Accounts role.


  • 1098T Tax Statements
    • Please be sure to mark your calendar with the March 31st deadline for uploading to the IRS Fire Account.
  • Term Roll
    • General
      • Prepare for the Spring/Summer/Fall terms. Ensure fees are rolled, and payment plans are set up.
      • Utilize the Reference Center's Term Rollover Checklist.
      • ***Submit a ticket when Spring, Summer, & Fall terms are ready for nightly tuition calculation jobs.***
  • Cashiering & Tender Keys
    • Please take a moment to discuss and review who has access to your Cashiering Tender Keys.
    • The State Auditors would prefer not to see former staff member names there.
    • Please visit the following QRG to update/remove former staff members that may still have access. QRG Add/Update a Cashier Configuration
  • Alternative/Private Loans processing reminder:
    • Per the State Board’s Education & Business Operations divisions, Alternative/Private Loans must be disbursed via the Financial Aid Office.
  • Outside Vendors (NelNET, CyberSource, BankMobile)
    • When was the last time you checked that your vendor needs are up to date & ready for next term…? Please remember to keep a thumb on this task and confirm staff access/update ability and any upcoming needs.
  • Please remember to always work within the systematically defined menu options when making student adjustments within ctcLink.
    • One example is using the Reverse Charge/Reverse Payment pages instead of what should be accomplished within the Assign page.
    • The time/value cost of working outside of the proper Menu items in ctcLink is great and the impact severe.
  • S.F. Training/Work/Info Sessions:

Thank you for taking the time to review this information. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further clarification ([email protected].)


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