CF.007.4 Daily Cashiering

User Acceptance Test Overview

On a daily basis, colleges will be opening cashiering offices for that business day to collect and track transactions as students and organizations pay tuition, fees, and other charges. The majority of transactions process through this module will be student or organization related payments however there the ability to send general ledger information directly finance for non-student related transactions using departmental receipts. The cashiering module allows staff to void receipts and correct any errors that were made during the business day. At the end of the business day cashiers will balance transactions that were taking using delivered pages that summarize amount taken by register and tender. Staff will transmit the days transactions to finance system by generating cashiering entries once all registers are balanced, and then close the business office. The information below is intended to provide colleges guidance on performing a User Acceptance Test on the business process of performing cashiering transactions. The business process flow will guide users on how to open a cashiering office for the business day, collect receipts, balance transactions, generate cashier GL and close the cashiering office. Use the diagram, following the arrows to each step that must be executed. Use the Quick Reference Guide (QRGs) links, also below, to find the instructions on how to execute each step. The Quick Reference Guides are numbered to match each box on the flow diagram to assistant testers with following the flow of the business process. Once testing is complete for each box on the flow diagram, click the link in the Next Step (Tier 2) in the High Level UAT Framework section to access the next UAT Guide.

Self-Paced Training Materials (Advanced Prep)

To prepare yourself in advance for the richest testing experience below are required Canvas Courses.  Successful course completion is a prerequisite to participate in all UAT activities.

  • CS:SF101 Cashiering

To register for these required courses visit the ctcLink Training Registration Page.

Instructor-Led Training Materials and Recordings

Below are a few presentations that contain topic discussions that pertain to activities and understanding of the daily activities that occur in a cashier's office.

Minimum Test Case (Data) Scenarios

When testing the below activities, be sure to review the Customer/Corporate Account page after each test case.

Next Step (Tier 2) in the High Level UAT Framework:

Links to User Acceptance Test 'How To' Information:

Overview of User Acceptance Testing

Security Matrix Mapping Information

The information below provides those completing the Security Matrix Mapping templates with the Menus, Pages and Role names needed to execute the User Acceptance Testing relevant to this UAT guide.

CF.007.4.1 Open Cashier Office:

MENU: Student Financials> Cashiering> Cash Management> Open Offices
ROLENAME: ZZ SF Head Cashier 

CF.007.4.2 Post a Student Payment:

MENU: Student Financials> Charges and Payments> Post Student Transaction
ROLENAME: ZZ SF Charges and Payments 

CF.007.4.3 Post a Department Receipt:

MENU: Student Financials> Cashiering> Collect Department Receipts
ROLENAME: ZZ SF Cashiering 

CF.007.4.4 Post a Corporate Payment (Third Party): 

MENU: Navigator > Student Financials > Cashiering > Post Corporate Payments
ROLENAME: ZZ SF Cashiering

CF.007.4.5 Post a Student Transaction (Quick Post):

MENU: Student Financials > Charges and Payments > Post Student Transaction
ROLENAME:  ZZ SF Charges and Payments

CF.007.4.6 Void or Reverse Charge/Payment Transactions to Correct Errors:

MENU: Student Financials> Cashiering> Cash Management> Void Receipts-Cashier or Void Receipts-All
ROLENAME: ZZ SF Head Cashier  

CF.007.4.7 Review Tender by Cashier or Register:

MENU: Student Financials> Cashiering> Balance by Business Day > Review Tender By Cashier
ROLENAME: ZZ SF Cashiering 

CF.007.4.8 Generate Cashiering Entries: 

MENU: Student Financials > GL Interface > Generate Cashiering Entries
ROLENAME: ZZ SF Accounting Entries 

CF.007.4.9 Close Cashier Office: 

MENU: Student Financials > Cashiering > Balance by Business Day > Review Tender By Cashier or Review Tender by Register
ROLENAME: ZZ SF Cashiering

MENU: Student Financials> GL Interface> Generate Cashiering Entries
ROLENAME: ZZ SF Accounting Entries

MENU: Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer (QCS_SF_DEPT_RECEIPTS_GL)

MENU: Student Financials > Cashiering > Cash Management > Close Offices
ROLENAME: ZZ SF Head Cashier

CF.007.4.10 Journal Generate Cashiering Transactions:

MENU: Student Financials > GL Interface > Generate Cashiering Entries
ROLENAME: ZZ SF GL Interface and ZZ SF Cashiering 

CF.007.4.11 Reopen Cashier Office:

MENU: Student Financials > Cashiering > Cash Management > Reopen Offices
ROLENAME: ZZ SF Head Cashier

* All roles for Student Financials require SACR Security for Student Financials.

PDF Version of Flow Diagram for Printing


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