Position Request Approval Process in Fluid

Purpose:  Use this document to understand the Position Request Approval process using Fluid tiles in ctcLink.

Audience: HR Administrators/Workforce Administrators

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZZ HCM Manager

If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

Position Request approval leverages the delivered FLUID approval functionality. Approvals are only pertinent for those entities that do have approvals enabled for this transaction.

Approval stops and the path of approval can and will vary across entities.  Note: the example shown is a generic approval path.

Position Request Approval Process in Fluid

  1. From the Manager Self-Service menu, select the Approvals tile. (Alternatively, navigation from alerts will show the user specific approvals requiring action.  You may navigate directly to the approval requiring attention).
  2. The Pending Approvals page displays (which you will be directed to once you select a transaction requiring attention/approval). You may review approvals across transaction types.  
  3. Select a specific transaction requiring approval.
  4. The position request overview is shown highlighting summary fields being submitted.
  5. You may view the full position request detail by selecting the View Position Details link.  
    • Note: This page is read only.  It is a requirement that the user has access to the specific department for the position being submitted to access the full details of the position details.
  6. The approver may input approver comments.  These comments are date and time stamped.  They are visible to all other users in the process.
  7. Selecting the Approval Chain, you may see all of the users within the approval process.  The approver can view and access any attachments provided by the submitter. Reminder:  There may be multiple approvals stops in place. 
  8. The HR office is responsible for reviewing the approval at the start of the process.  If additional approvers need to be involved in the process, select the [+] button to select and add additional approvers as needed.
  9. The Insert additional approver or reviewer pagelet displays.
  10. Select a User ID.
  11. Select the Insert button.
  12. The Approval Chain page displays.
  13. The Additional Approver is inserted.
  1. When you have reviewed the submission and are ready to approve, select the Approve button.
    • Note that if there is an issue the approver may Pushback the transaction to the submitter to make amendments.
    • If the approval is not valid, the approver may Deny the transaction outright.
  2. Once approved, the transaction is then sent to additional approvers in the process.

Process complete.


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