Workforce Administrator Tiles Overview

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to security roles assigned to you, some tiles may not be available.  Questions?  Contact your college Security Team.

Purpose:  Use this document to review actions in the WorkForce Administrator tiles.

Audience:  Workforce Administrators/Recruiters

Compensation Administration Tile

  • Compensation management
  • Compensation configuration
  • Total rewards
  • Self service
Compensation Administration Fluid Tile

HR Administration Tile

  • Job information
  • Headcount
  • Labor administration
  • HR configuration
  • Dotted line
  • Export org chart
  • Immunization table
  • Immunizations and health
  • Offboarding
HR Administration Fluid Tile

Absence Administration Tile

  • Generate absence payable time
  • Time and labor exceptions
  • Absence event
  • Review absence balances
  • Calculate absence and payroll
  • Positive input by calendar
  • Results by calendar group
  • Off-cycle on demand
Absence Administration Fluid Tile

New Hire Tasks Tile

  • Person related transactions
  • Hires
  • Job related transactions
New Hire Tasks Fluid Tile

Position Management Tile

  • View/manage
  • Create position
  • Position summary
  • Position history
Position Management Fluid Tile

Manage Human Resources Tile

  • Not currently used/configured
Manage Human Resources Fluid Tile

Profile Administration Tile

  • Not currently used/configured
Profile Administration Fluid Tile

Manage Health and Safety Tile

  • Not currently used/configured
Manage Health and Safety Fluid Tile

US Payroll Work Center Tile

  • Not currently used/configured
US Payroll Work Center Fluid Tile

Maintain EE Pay Data Tile

  • Tax information
  • Create additional pay
  • Request direct deposit
  • Create general deductions
  • Create garnishments
  • Review garnishments
  • Update payroll options
  • Employee pre-pay
  • Paysheet holding update
  • Search by National ID
Maintain EE Pay Data Fluid Tile

Payroll Administration Tile

  • Employee/dependent information
  • Enroll/maintain benefits
  • DRS info and processing
  • Benefits reports
Payroll Administration Fluid Tile

Benefits Admin Tile

  • Employee/dependent information
  • Enroll/maintain benefits
  • DRS info and processing
  • Benefits reports
Benefits Admin Fluid Tile

Time & Labor Admin Tile

  • Time & Labor processing
  • Enroll/maintain TL data
  • View Time & Labor info
  • Time & Labor reports
Time & Labor Admin Fluid Tile



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