9.2 Adding a Person

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for creating a person record in ctcLink.

Audience: HR Administrators/Specialists responsible for maintaining personal information.

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZC HR Employee Maintenance
  • ZZ HR Employee Maintenance
  • ZZ SS Workforce Administrator

ZD HCM SOGI - View SOGI role is required for users to view Pronouns and SOGI on the Personal Data page.
Access to Add/Update Personal Data Biographical fields are given though the other roles listed above.

If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

IMPORTANT: Before you begin this process, be sure to perform the Search Match process to verify if the person has an existing Employee ID.

Refer to the QRG titled Performing a Search Match.

Adding a Person

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Add a Person

  1. The Add a Person page displays.  
  2. Before selecting the Add Person button, confirm there are no existing Empl ID for the person being added.  Select the Search for Matching Person link and verify there is no matching results.
  3. If the person does have an existing Empl ID, found in the Search/Match Results, follow steps to Add a New Employment Instance.
  4. The Person ID value will default to NEW; leave as is.
  5. Select the Add Person button.
Add a Person page
  1. The Modify a Person page displays.
  2. On the Biographical Details tab, notice the Effective Date will default to today's date, change if applicable. (This is the date the person will now exist in ctcLink; there is no Job or Institute assigned to the person here).
  3. Select the Format Type from the drop-down menu and select English.
  4. Select the Add Name button.  
Biographical Details tab Name
  1. The Name pagelet displays.
  2. Enter the First Name.
  3. Enter the Last Name.
  4. Select the Refresh Name button.  The name will display below the Name Suffix field.
  5. Select the OK button.  
Name pagelet
  1. The Biographical Details tab displays from the Modify a Person page.
  2. Enter the Date of Birth.
  3. The Birth Country will default to USA on the user profile preferences of the employee doing the data entry. If needed, it can be changed to another country.
  4. Birth State and Birth Location are not required but can be entered if desired.
  5. In the Biographical History section, Gender and Orientation Details subsection, change the default value of the Legal Sex field from the default Unknown to the employee's Legal Sex.
    (To review Legal Definition of Sex, select the ? icon to view a pop up window).
  6. Highest Education Level defaults to A-Not Indicated. If known, the real value can be selected from the drop-down menu. This is information only and does not drive anything. More education data can be stored in profile management.
  7. Marital Status defaults to 'Unknown'. If known it should be selected from the drop-down menu. This field does not drive taxes. That data is stored in PY.
  8. Language Code is the employees preferred language. This is information only and only one value can be selected. More information about languages can be stored in profile management.
  9. The 'Country' field under National ID subsection defaults to USA. If needed it can be changed if the employee is not a US citizen.
  10. The National ID Type value defaults to social security number for USA.
  11. Enter the National ID value.  There has to be at least one primary National ID.
Biographical History section, Gender and Orientation Details subsection

NOTE: If a user has the ZD HCM SOGI role and one of roles listed at the top of the QRG to Add/Update, then they will see a different layout on this page which displays the Pronoun and SOGI fields, as seen below.

  1. Select the Contact Information tab.
  2. The Contact Information tab displays.
  3. Select the Add Address Detail link.
Contact Information
  1.  The Address History pagelet will appear.
  2. Select the Add Address link.
Address History
  1. The Edit Address page displays.
  2. Enter the Street Address in the Address 1 field.
  3. If there is a P.O. Box you can enter it in Address 2 field.
  4. Enter the City.
  5. Enter the State.
  6. Once you enter the State the 'Address Validation' functionality (third party tool) will fill in the rest of the fields if that is a valid address. If not, it will show you valid addresses based on what you have entered.
  7. Enter the Postal (Zip) code.
  8. Enter the County (optional).
  9. Select the OK button.  
Edit Address page
  1. The Address History page displays.
  2. This time the address you entered will display on the page.
  3. Select the OK button.
New Address
  1. The Contract Information tab displays.
  2. In the Phone Information enter the details regarding the phone contact.
  3. Select the Phone Type from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter the Telephone Number.  
  5. Enter an Extension (Optional).
  6. Select the Preferred checkbox.
Phone Information
  1. In the Email Address section, enter the details regarding the email account.
  2. Select the Email Type from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter the Email Address.  
  4. If the campus (work) email address is known at the time of hire it is important to enter it here during the hire process. There is a custom process that runs at night that will create a user profile for the employee. If the email is entered during the hire it will be included on the user profile which drives workflow.
  5. If it is not included during the hire process, HR will need to come back to Personal Data when it is known and update the record. The security admin will also need to update the user profile with the email address.
  6. Select the Preferred checkbox if applicable.
Email Addresses section
  1. Select the Regional tab.  
  2. The Regional tab displays.
  3. Select an Ethnic Group from the lookup icon.
  4. Select the Primary checkbox if applicable.
  5. Use the fields in the History section to track your I-9 information.
  6. In the Veterans section:
    1. Select a Military Status from the drop-down menu.
    2. If you select a discharge related option, the system will require the Military Discharge Date.
  7. The option selected in the Smoker History gets displayed on the Additional Information page of Employee Self Service (ESS > Personal Details > Additional Information).
Regional tab
  1. Select the Organizational Relationships tab.
  2. The Organizational Relationships page displays.
  3. There are three options on this page when hiring a person. For the most part you will always choose 'Employee'.  SBCTC does not use 'Contigent Worker'. 'Person of Interest' is only used for Volunteers that need access to PSFT.
  4. Select the Employee option.
  5. Select the Add Relationship button.  The system will check the personal data and make sure it meets any checks and balances the system has. The system checks the person you are entering against both HCM and CS to see if they already exist based on key fields. (Name, SSN, Birthdate etc.)
  6. Select the OK button.
  7. Select the Save button.  
Organizational Relationships tab
  1. A Message box will appear.
  2. Select the OK button.
Warning message
  1. The Organizational Relationships tab displays.
  2. The system will save the record and generate a Person ID (Empl ID).
  3. The process to add a person is now complete.
  4. End of procedure.


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