9.2 ESS Viewing Pay History

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference for viewing pay history in ctcLink; specifically for Employee Self Service.

Audience:  Employees.

ESS Viewing Pay History

Navigation:  Employee Self Service > Payroll Tile

Please Note:  Screen shots may appear different based on security roles applied.

  1. From the Employee Self Service page, select the Payroll tile.
Employee Self Service tiles, Payroll tile selection
  1. The Paychecks page appears.  
  2. Select the filter icon (upper, left-hand corner of page-directly above the Check Date).
Paychecks page
  1. Enter desired From and To dates, then select the Done button to complete process.
Filter window
  1. Process complete.


Luke Rawlings

I’m attempting to do something I thought would not take as long as it is taking: view my paycheck history since 2016 at Bellevue College. I have done exactly what was explained above and nothing works. The oldest paycheck I am able to see is in November of last year. Could someone help me?

Corinne Taylor

Thank you for your question Luke - because you are needing to review paycheck history BEFORE the college went live with the new system, you will need to contact the HR Dept. to have those records retrieved from the old system. Hope this helps!

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