9.2 Adding Direct Deposit Account via ESS

Purpose:  Use this document to enter US direct deposit information for payroll processing in ctcLink.

Audience:  Employees.

To add the first direct deposit account, the employee will enter:

  • Nickname - unique name to reference the account
  • Bank and account information - this requires having the Bank Routing Number and Account Number available
  • Account type - valid values are Checking or Savings

Adding Direct Deposit Account via Employee Self Service

NOTE:  The first deposit account entered is automatically set up with a Deposit Type of Full Balance.
As more accounts are created, one of the bank accounts needs to be set up as Deposit Type = Remaining Balance.
The system automatically changes the first account to Remaining Balance when the second account is saved.  
In the case of multiple accounts, the remaining funds will be automatically paid to the Remaining Balance account.
When all your accounts are entered, you are able to use the Edit Account page to identify which of the accounts will act as the Remaining Balance account.

Navigation: Employee Self Service home page > Payroll tile

Employee Self Service page showing Payroll Tile

The Payroll page displays.

Note: the Direct Deposit tile is designed to indicate the number of accounts that have been created for this employee.
When the phrase “
No accounts”displays, as seen below, it means no accounts exist yet and you can enter the first one.

To enter the first Direct Deposit account:

  1. Select the Direct Deposit tile.
Employee Self Service Payroll Tile page showing Direct Deposit Tile

The Direct Deposit / Accounts message page displays.

Be sure to read the message completely. It is important to know that the first account entered defaults to a Deposit Type of Full Balance.
Thereafter, if a second account is entered, the first account is updated to
Remaining Balance.
From there the
Edit Account page allows you to manage the accounts to meet your needs.

  1. Click the Add Account button.
Direct Deposit Accounts Message when entering the first account

The Add Account page displays.  

To add the first account, enter the following:

  1. Nickname:  Enter a unique account name for each direct deposit entry. This name appears on the Direct Deposit Accounts page where the accounts are listed.
  2. Payment Method:  This field is automatically set to Direct Deposit. It is not editable.
  3. Routing Number:  Enter the routing number.  
    NOTE: The system validates the Bank Routing Number and there is no look-up function. You must enter it accurately.
    Select the information icon to view a sample check with bank information format.
Add Account page, highlighting information icon for example of bank info on check

A Check Example pagelet displays.

  1. Identify your specific Routing Number and Account Number from one of your bank checks and make a note.
  2. Select the [x] to close the pagelet.
Check Example highlighting where to find bank routing and account information

The Add Account page displays again. Continuing entering information.

  1. Enter the Account Number.
  2. Retype the Account Number to confirm.
  3. In the Pay Distribution section, select the appropriate Account Type:
    Valid values will be Checking or Savings.

Below is just an example of a completed page for the first Direct Deposit account.

  1. After verifying your information, select the Save button.
Add Account page with a completed example

Once Save is selected, the new direct deposit account is created and you will be routed to the Direct Deposit page.

The Nickname header and the Amount/Percent value has been highlighted in the screen shot for your reference.

NOTE:  As a requirement, one of your accounts needs to be set up as Deposit Type of Full Balance - one account or Remaining Balance when there are more than one accounts.
The system automatically creates your first Direct Deposit Account with the Deposit Type of Full Balance.
In the case of multiple accounts, you can have Deposit Types of Amount and/or Percent and Remaining Balance.
In this way, the remaining funds will be automatically paid to the Remaining Balance account after the Amount and/or Percent accounts have been deposited.

  1. Click anywhere in the line to view the Edit Account page.
Direct Deposit page with saved deposit account

The Edit Account pagelet displays.

Here you can view the information entered.

If necessary, you can click the pencil icon to Edit the Account Number; you can click the Remove button to delete the account entirely. To keep changes, click the Save button.

NOTE: If you are only viewing the information and want to close the page, click the Cancel button, do not click the Save button.
If the Save button is selected, the system does not validate if changes are made or not .

  1. For this example, click the Cancel button.
Edit Account page to review or update data

The Direct Deposit - Accounts page redisplays.

If you only have one account for direct deposit, then the procedure would conclude here.

However, if you require one or more additional accounts, you can continue adding another account by clicking the [+] Add Account icon in the upper left.

Direct Deposit page to add a new account

The Add Account pagelet displays.

NOTE: Be sure to read the information displayed regarding the second account.

This indicates the first account deposit type is automatically updated from Full Balance to Remaining Balance, so you can add an Amount or Percent account.

Add Account page to explain when this second account is saved

As before, enter:

  1. Nickname for the account
  2. Payment Method is set as Direct Deposit
  3. Bank Routing Number
  4. Bank Account Number and Retype Account Number to confirm

Under Pay Distribution:

  1. Select Account Type: values are Checking or Savings
  2. For the second account and beyond, you now have the Deposit Type field.
    Valid values are
    Amount, Percent or Remaining Balance.

The example below shows the second account to be a Savings account with the deposit amount of $250.00 to be deposited.

  1. Save the information.
Add Account page with second account information added

The Direct Deposit / Accounts page displays.

Notice now after the second account has been added, the first account now has an Order of Last and Amount/Percent of Remaining Balance.
The account just added has an
Order of 1, indicating 250.00 is deposited into savings and the remaining balance of net pay is deposited into checking account.

  1. Click the < Payroll navigation to return to the Employee Self Service Payroll Tile.
Direct Deposit page with second account added

The Employee Self Service Payroll Tiles page displays.

The Direct Deposit tile now contains the number of accounts entered and the last Updated date.

ESS Payroll tiles page with Direct Deposit tile reflecting 2 accounts and when updated

Process complete.


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