9.2 Viewing or Updating Direct Deposit Information in ESS

Purpose:  Use this document to view or change/update US direct deposit information in ctcLink Employee Self Service.

Audience:  Employees.

Viewing or Updating Direct Deposit Information in Employee Self Service

Important: One of the bank accounts needs to be set up as Deposit Type of Remaining Balance. In the case of multiple accounts, the remaining funds will be automatically paid to the Remaining Balance account.

Pre-notification is required when employees add or update direct deposit data via Employee Self Service.

Navigation:  Employee Self Service > Payroll

  1. Select the Payroll tile from the Employee Self Service home page.
Employee self service tiles, Payroll tile selection

The Payroll Tiles page displays.

Note: The Direct Deposit tile indicates the number of accounts currently entered and the last time it was updated.

  1. Select the Direct Deposit tile.
Payroll Tiles page highlighting Direct Deposit tile with number of accounts and last update

The Direct Deposit Accounts page displays.

  1. You can view the list of your existing direct deposit accounts with details.
  2. To open the Edit Account window, either select the chevron at the far right on the line of the account to open, or you can actually select anywhere on the line.
Direct Deposit Accounts page select chevron at line's end to open Edit Account page

The Edit Account pagelet displays.

  1. Here you can review the account information and have access to edit the information if needed.
    You are able to modify the Nickname, Routing Number, Account Number by clicking the pencil icon (Edit Account Number), and any of the Pay Distribution values.

NOTE: If you are just reviewing the information and not making changes, select the Cancel button to return to the Direct Deposit page.

Anytime Save is selected, a new notification email is triggered by the system stating your changes have been submitted.

Edit Account page Review only and press Cancel to close window

Information to know if you select the Remove button:

First, If the employee has only one account, they will be able to remove it via ESS without restriction.

Second, a warning message will appear advising you that if you remove the account, you cannot add a new account(s) until the following day.

Edit account page with removal message

So, if you select Yes to proceed with removing your direct deposit bank account information, you will be routed to the Direct Deposit page and the following message will appear:
“You are not allowed to add any direct deposit entries today.  You will be able to add direct deposit data tomorrow.”

In the case of a multiple direct deposit accounts, if the employee deletes the “Remaining Balance” account, they will be forced to assign one of their existing accounts as a remaining balance account. If one account is left, it will be defaulted to a deposit type of Full Balance.

  1. To make changes to your bank account information on the Edit Account page:
    • Nickname - Enter a unique account name for each direct deposit entry.
    • Payment Method has been set to Direct Deposit.
    • Routing Number - Enter the routing number. (The system validates the Bank Routing Number). Select the information (i) icon to view sample checks with routing number format.


Edit Account page for Nickname and Routing Number input
Check example pagelet
  1. If you make a mistake entering the routing number, an error message displays.
  2. Select OK to close the message.
Edit account page with message pop up

The Edit Account page displays.

  1. Continue with the Account Number and Re-type Account Number:  
    Select the pencil icon to enter the bank account number for the checking or savings account into which you want the money to be deposited.

Pay Distribution:  Enter pay distribution information.

  1. Account Type:  Select account type.  Valid values are Checking or Savings.
  2. Deposit Type:  Select the deposit type.  Valid values are Amount, Percent or Remaining Balance.
    • Amount: Select this option if a fixed dollar amount should be deposited in this account.
    • Percent: Select this option if a specific percentage of your net pay should be deposited in this account.
    • Remaining Balance: Select this option if the balance of your pay is to be deposited in this account.

NOTE:  One of your accounts needs to be set up as Deposit Type of Remaining Balance.  In the case of multiple accounts, the remaining funds will be automatically paid to the Remaining Balance account.

Edit Account page to complete Account and Pay Distribution data
  1. When selecting Save, your direct deposit account information is updated and you will be routed to the Direct Deposit page.
Direct Deposit -Accounts page displaying updated account information
  1. You will receive an email notification that your direct deposit request has been successfully submitted.  The email will show the date and time, based on the system date and time, when the action took place.
  2. Process complete.


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