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PTF Benefit Eligibility for Part-Time Faculty Working at Multiple Colleges

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for general information related to Part-Time Faculty working at multiple colleges.

In addition to General Information, there are sections for Contract Setup in FWL, Calculated FWL Data and Part-Time Benefit Eligibility and Benefit Eligibility Screen and Multi-Institution Faculty.

Audience: Benefit Administrators, Payroll Administrators

General Information

At the core of benefit eligibility is determination of percentage of full-time, FTE value, part-time faculty works during specific quarter.

This percentage value is calculated when faculty is set up on a contract for a quarter.

Contracts are calculated through Faculty Workload Module accessible through CS Pillar. They reflect faculty's appointment details inclusive of calculated hours, total pay, percentage of full-time, as well as applicable pay lines from which faculty get paid over course of a quarter.

Upon calculation and validation, contracts must be generated and approved to allow for extract of the following data from Faculty Workload (CS Pillar) to HCM pillar:

  • Contract pay line data (extracted for payroll processing)
  • Contract FTE data (extracted for benefits eligibility as well as leave accrual purposes)
  • Contract salary amounts, end/begin dates, and hours (extracted for job data updates inclusive of placing faculty on short work break status and returning faculty from short work break status)

NOTE: Not all contract calculations result in calculated percentage of full-time values. An example of this is a non-teaching contract type, SPA (Special Assignment), where payment under this contract type may be setup as flat amount/stipend that results in no FTE calculation.

While part-time faculty may be issued contracts for both teaching and non-teaching assignments, only teaching assignments and their calculated teaching FTE values are used in benefit eligibility determination and maintenance.

Contract Setup in FWL

  1. Each college has multiple contract types set up to help calculate data for part-time and moonlight employees as well as capture full-time load calculations.
  2. These are built based on function and calculation logic. (Not all contracts that include percentage of full-time calculation are used in benefit eligibility tracking/maintenance):
    1. Contracts such as ADJ, MLT, COP, IND, are built to capture in class teaching time and applicable percentage of full-time. These contracts are used in capturing of FTE values for benefit eligibility determination.
    2. Contracts such as SAP, STP capture non-teaching time inclusive of stipend payments that may or may not lead to FTE calculation. These contract types are typically not used in capturing of FTE value for benefit determination.  Some colleges may be using.
  3. It’s recommended that colleges review their contract setup in FWL to make sure that applicable contracts are coded correctly for benefit and leave eligibility. Likewise that non-teaching types of contracts are not coded for benefit and leave eligibility. This will ensure that data is extracted correctly. Use QCS_CM_FWL_CONTRACT_TYPE_INFO query to review contract setup benefit/leave eligibility.
  1. It is faculty’s responsibility to let college Benefit Administrators know that they are teaching at other colleges for coordination of benefits purposes.  Colleges assist with this step by seeking input from faculty about their employment with other colleges on quarterly basis. Few colleges do so through inclusion of employment/benefit related questions on generated contracts.  Other colleges do so outside of PeopleSoft.  For colleges that seek this information through input on generated contracts, the following queries help retrieve employee’s input from PeopleSoft:
  2. For those colleges who would like to include a set of questions as part of contract setup, please feel free to reach out to HCM Support via submission of ticket for incorporation in generated contracts.

Calculated FWL Data and Part-Time Benefit Eligibility

Approved Faculty Workload contract data is extracted FWL to HCM on daily basis and is stored in FWL Contract Data Table (HCM > Workforce Administration > CTC Custom). This extracted data is used in updating job data records with correct FTE and pay values based on calculated data in FWL, as well as reflecting whether someone is on short work break or being returned from short work break status. Additionally, this extracted data is pulled and used for benefit eligibility tracking/determination purposes.

  1. There are two reports available in PeopleSoft to help with determination and maintenance of part-time faculty benefits eligibility: PTF YRQ History Detail List and PTF Benefit Eligibility Report (HCM > Benefits > CTC Reports). These reports work similarly to Legacy’s PG301Q job group.
    1. PTF YRQ History Detail List report can be run throughout the quarter for specific quarter or group of quarters.

b.   PTF Benefit Eligibility Report is run within quarter timeframe for specific quarter. It produces three reports to help pinpoint benefit status discrepancies:

i.    PTF employees listed as eligible but should be ineligible

ii.   PTF employees listed as ineligible but should be eligible

iii.  PTF employees listed as ineligible but may be eligible

c.   Both pull benefit eligible FTE values for adjunct faculty.

  1. If colleges process any additional payments for adjunct faculty with benefit eligible FTEs outside of Faculty Workload Module, these should be reflected in Benefit Eligibility screen as adjustment.

Benefit Eligibility Screen and Multi-Institution Faculty

  1. Benefit Eligibility screen (HCM > Benefits > CTC Custom) provides teaching FTE values for faculty. If faculty teaches for multiple institutions, this screen will reflect teaching FTE values for all colleges faculty is teaching during specific quarter time-frame.
  2. When reviewing faculty’s FTE values using Benefit Eligibility screen, use PTF (FWL) values only.   Also please review any adjustments made in addition to populated data from FWL.
  1. Benefit Eligibility screen pulls data for specific employee.  To access data for all faculty teaching for your college and other colleges, please use the following query: QHC_BA_BENEFIT_ELIG_OTH_COMP.   For larger sized colleges, please run this query as a “scheduled query” otherwise it takes a long while to load data.


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