9.2 Viewing HCA Benefits Data

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference for viewing the custom report "HCA Benefits Data" in ctcLink.  

Audience:  Benefits Administrator.

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZD HCA Reconciliation

If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

HCA Benefits Data

Navigation:  Menu > Benefits > CTC Custom > HCA Benefits Data

  1. The HCA Benefits Data search page displays.
  2. Choose the Company (school code) that you are interested in viewing.
  3. Choose the relevant Coverage Year.
  4. Choose the relevant Coverage Month.
  5. At this time you may provide an Empl ID, if a specific employee’s data is desired for that Year/Month combination.
  6. Select the Search button.

The data for this report is by paycheck date.

Example: When Coverage month selected is January: The employee premiums are coming out from the paychecks of 01/10 & 01/25 (Pay end dates 12/16 & 01/15).

Billing Details Tab

  1. For the Year/Month combination, the Billing Details tab provides the following fields:
    • Name
    • SSN
    • Empl ID
    • Trans Code
    • Health Plan
    • Period Covered
    • EE Premium
    • ½ EE Premium
    • EE/ER Premium
    • EE Refund
    • ER Refund
    • PrevPlan
    • Tobacco Surcharge
    • Spousal Surcharge
Billing Details tab

Billing Summary Tab

  1. For the Year/Month combination, the Billing Summary tab provides the following rows:
    • Total Premiums by Health Plan (each Health Plan has a row)
    • Total Premiums for Agency
    • HCA Billing Information: Balance Forwarded
    • Agency Amount Due This Coverage Period (non-coalition)
    • Agency Amount Due This Coverage Period (coalition)
    • Total Amount Due This Period
    • Net Agency Amount Due
Billing Summary tab

Discrepancies Tab

  1. For the Year/Month combination, the Discrepancies tab provides the following fields:
    • Name
    • SSN
    • Empl ID
    • Trans Code
    • Health Plan
    • Period Covered
    • HCA (Employee Cost)
    • Employee Payroll
    • Difference
    • HCA (Employer Cost)
    • Employer Payroll
    • Difference
    • Message
  2. It is an expectation to have a discrepancy for Employer Cost as we pay an average, not the precise amount, dictated by the plan.  However, the employee cost should have no difference.
  3. The Employee Payroll field would have deduction amounts coming out of employee paychecks and their prepay balance, if any.
  4. If there is a Message, it should be examined on a case by case basis for the employee.
  5. If any employee has a zero difference amount for both the Employee and Employer portions, they will not be displayed on this grid.

ONLY when there is actually any difference in either of the amounts should this page be populated.

Descrepancies tab

Trans Code

  1. M:   Monthly Invoice record - This is the code HCA will send us for the majority of the people on the file.
  2. D:   Daily change record - This is used for adjustments from a prior coverage period so the period will never be the same as the M coverage period. It could be a positive or negative amount.
  3. P:   Payment record - This would come across as a negative amount since it is not an amount to be billed to the employee.

Pulling Data Out of PeopleSoft

  1. For most of these tabs it is often easier to examine the data sets in Excel.  To export the data set displayed to excel, look for the Download button at the top of the page.  (It looks like a grid with a red arrow pointing to the lower right corner).
  2. Select the Download button (the grid).
  3. The download should have started automatically and been sent to your browser’s download folder on your computer, click the file associated with your download.
  4. You may see a warning from Excel, select Yes.
  5. At this time you should be able to interact with your data in Excel.
Excel download example

End of procedure.

Video Tutorial

The video below demonstrates the process actions described in steps listed above.  There is no audio included with this video.  Select the play button to start the video.

Video Tutorial via Panopto

View the link to _______________.  This link will open in a new tab/window.


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