9.2 Viewing the Benefits Summary

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference for viewing the employee self-service benefits summary in ctcLink,

Audience:  Employees

Benefit Details

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Self Service > Benefits > Benefit Details

  1. The Benefits Summary page displays.
  2. Enter the As Of date if needed (it will default to the current date.)
    • If a new date is chosen, select the Refresh button.
  3. On the Benefits Summary page, the following columns display benefit information that an employee is enrolled in for the As Of date selected.
    • Type of Benefit
    • Plan Description
    • Coverage or Participation
  4. Some Types of Benefits will have a (>) at the edge of the row, indicating it can be selected for additional information in a new screen.
    • Selecting additional information for Medical or Dental Benefits will show any and all dependents associated with those enrollments.
Benefits Summary page
  1. The self-service process to review the view benefits summary in ctcLink is now complete.
  2. End of procedure.


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