Pre-Pay FAQs

Purpose:  Use this document for answers to frequently asked questions on Prepay Processing in ctcLink.

Audience: Benefits Administrators, Payroll Administrators.

Every year, typically before the summer quarter, it is advised that admins review and revise the Prepay Cycles.

Pre-Pay Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:  For any new employee's new hires, recent transfers from other institutions, newly benefits eligible employees, do their Prepays need to be established?

A1:  Yes! 


Q2:  Do I need to remove Prepays for any terminated employees? How does the Prepay cycle get removed?  

A2:  No, if all jobs with your college are terminated, and if there is no paycheck then there’s no Prepay.

For the otherwise active employees with a few terminated jobs, employees who have lost benefits eligibility or employees who are retiring soon, the system won’t let you remove the prepay.

On the Employee PrePay,  Pay Cycle is a required field.

Assign a “NO” prepay cycle for them to identify the employees with no prepays.  Prepay deductions will not be taken for employees with such a Prepay cycle assigned.

Prepay Calendar Setup : Create a “NO” or “ByPass” Calendar and Pay Cycle


PrePay Schedule tab and page

Employee Prepay : Assign it to the Employee

PrePay Override tab and page

Q3: Do I need to update Prepays for any plan changes?  For example : If an employee had the coverage for full family last year, but now its just EE & spouse - will the system automatically use the correct deduction amount?

A3:  System will use the current regular deduction, multiply it with prepay factor and take that as Prepay deduction. So yes, make sure current deduction is correct and there are no arrears balance.

You need not update any prepays for plan changes unless you have any Employee PrePay Deduction Overrides.


Q4: For any employee already established with Prepay and has no plan changes - I don't have to do anything, right?  

A4: Right! Even if employees have any plan changes, you don’t need to do anything with prepays.

If you have setup any Employee PrePay Deduction Overrides, review them for the deduction code accuracy.


Q5 : I have employees enrolled in Spending A/CS,  do I Prepay those?

A5 : You would have to either Prepay them OR Stop their enrollment, else it will continue to go into arrears.

After the Prepay Cycle is over make sure the Contributions YTD account for the Prepay taken. You may have to do a deduction balance adjustment.


Q6 : How do I setup the Prepays to take on multiple payrolls?  For example: Take 3 deductions on 05A and 3 more on 05B.

A6:  Setup the Prepay Cycle as follows in the image below:

PrePay Schedule tab and page

Q7:  If an employee needs to be a different Pay Cycle, do I just change it in the Employee Prepay?

A7 : Yes.


Q8 : Do the premiums pull from the prepay first, even though the employee is in pay status?

A8 : Yes.


Q9 : A new benefit plan is introduced, do I need to do something?

A9 : As a process, any new plan will have a deduction code and associated Prepay deduction code created by the ctcLink Customer support/SBCTC.  This new deduction code mapping will also be added to the Prepay Deduction mapping for your college.

If it is to be REMOVED from the mapping, such that the deduction is not available for Prepay at your college, submit a service desk ticket and the mapping will be updated by ctcLink Customer Support team

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