PS Query Information for Benefit Enrollment Errors

Purpose:   Use this document as a reference for how to run the PS Query in ctcLink for the Benefit Enrollment errors log and how to interpret the errors on the report.

Audience:  Benefits Administrators, HR Core Administrators.


  • The daily enrollment interface is a "changes only" interface bringing up health benefits from HCA over to ctcLink.
  • Due to various reasons this interface may produce errors, which means the data did not get copied over to ctcLink accurately and needs your attention and possible corrections to the data in ctcLink by adding the medical and dental benefits.
  • It is necessary that any changes made to the benefits and job data are well coordinated with HR and the Payroll office as well keeping in mind the payroll cut-off dates and how would the change impact the payroll
  • Even after the errors have been corrected in ctcLink, they will still show up on this query, since this is an error report from the interface run and not the transactional data.  Select the From and To Process dates accordingly.

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:


You must also have each of these roles to run the QHC_BA_BEN_ERRORS query:


AND any one of these roles:


If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

PS Query Information for Benefit Enrollment Errors

Navigation: Menu > Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer

Query Name:  QHC_BA_BEN_ERROR -I-092 Error log

  1. The Query Viewer page displays.
  2. Run the query by the appropriate Company and From Process Date and To Process Date.
  3. The results will have the errors listed.
  4. Possible errors an the resolution(s) are listed in the table below.  **FOR ANY OTHER TYPES OF ERRORS NOT LISTED, CREATE A SERVICE DESK TICKET.
1 Benefit Record=170, HEALTH BENEFIT GET ERROR-No rows exist for the specified keys.
Benefit Record=170, SURCHARGE GET ERROR - rows exist for the specified keys
Enter the Benefit Rcd Nbr on Job Data as Company Nbr instead of 0.  If it is correct, then validate the Maintain Flags screen for the Primary Job Flag
2 HEALTH BENEFIT SAVE ERROR - Benefit plan 1 is not valid for Benefit Program SB0 on
2015-09-21. (3000,841) - Error saving Component Interface
Verify the benefit program is SB1 effective that certain date.  Validate the Medical Benefits and enter in ctcLink. 
3 HEALTH BENEFIT SAVE ERROR  - Benefit plan 1 is not valid for Benefit Program SB0 on 2015-09-21. (3000,841) - Error saving Component Interface. {CTC_CI_HEALTH_BENEFITS} (91,37)

Verify the benefit program is SB1 effective that certain date.

Validate the dental benefits and enter in ctcLink

4 HEALTH BENEFIT SAVE ERROR  - This coverage code requires a minimum of 1 persons of type CH to be covered (3000,743) - Error saving Component Interface. {CTC_CI_HEALTH_BENEFITS} (91,37)

Verify the coverage and the dependents/ dependent’s type enrolled in the benefits. 

This also means that the dependents entered in PAY1 are not accurate. They will need to be modified at the PAY1 and NOT in ctcLink
5 DEPENDENT SAVE ERROR  - First Name is required. (1000,806) - Error saving Component Interface. {CTC_DEPEND_BENEF_CI} (91,37)
Any dependent change is to be done in PAY1 since HCA is the source of record for dependents data. Only when critical changes are to be made in both ctcLink and PAY1 else wait for a day and PAY1 data will come over to ctcLink
6 HEALTH BENEFIT SAVE ERROR  - Dependent/Beneficiary   is not   valid for the coverage begin date of 2015-01-01. (3000,760) - Error saving Component Interface. {CTC_CI_HEALTH_BENEFITS} (91,37)
Make sure the dependents are entered effective on or before the coverage begin dates

Plan Type 10 bypassed with  HCA Benefit Plan Z

Plan Type 11 bypassed with HCA Benefit Plan 9
No action required. It only means the default value was selected in PAY1 and it wasn’t processed in ctcLink
8 DEPENDENT SAVE ERROR  - Social Security Number cannot have 00 in 4-5 Positions. (1000,2283) - Error changing value. {CTC_DEPEND_BENEF_CI.DEP_BEN(2).DEP_BENEF_NID(1).NID_SPECIAL_CHAR} (91,34)

This error will come if the social is incorrect on dependents in PAY1. 

For newborns, it may be a recurrent thing and you can keep a track of it as and when its available ; for other dependents pls edit accordingly.
9 DEPENDENT SAVE ERROR  - An Employee Address record does not exist for the Address Type specified (3000,660) - Error saving Component Interface. {CTC_DEPEND_BENEF_CI} (91,37)
Employee’s Mailing or Home address is missing in ctcLink
Verify the deduction begin date and coverage begin date in ctcLink for medical and dental benefits checks with the effective date entered in PAY1
An incorrect coverage option was selected, verify it and reenter
12 HEALTH BENEFIT SAVE ERROR  - Benefit plan 3 is not valid for Benefit Program  on 2010-01-01. (3000,841) - Error saving Component Interface. {CTC_CI_HEALTH_BENEFITS} (91,37)

The Go-Live Date was in Aug-2015 for the firstlink colleges. So, any date prior to that coming in from HCA if has not been converted and brought over then it may give such errors.

Also, check upon the benefit program pariticipation date – it can not be after the health benefits effective date/deduction begin date (for ctcLink)

Process complete.


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