9.2 Adding Providers/Vendors

Purpose:  Use this document to add providers and/or vendors  in the Vendor Information page in ctcLink.

Audience:  Benefits Administrator.

A benefit provider is a vendor. A benefit provider is the entity that sponsors the benefit plan that your company offers your employees. You use the Provider/Vendor Table to set up an ID for each vendor.

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:


If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

Add Providers/Vendors

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Set Up HCM > Product Related > Base Benefits > Plans and Providers > Provider/Vendor Table

  1. The Provider/Vendor Table search page displays.
  2. Select the Add a New Value tab.
  3. Enter valid info into the Set ID field.
  4. Enter valid info into the Vendor ID field.
  5. Select Add.
Provider/Vendor table add a new value
  1. The Provider/Vendor Table page displays.
  2. The Vendor Information tab is used to create the vendor code and identify the name and type of the vendor you are entering.
  3. In the Vendor Name section, enter valid info into the Name 1 field.
  4. Enter valid info into the ShortName field.
  5. In the Vendor Classification section, The HCM Class field identifies the HRMS classification used to create views so you see the appropriate vendors on the appropriate tables.
    1. For General Providers the class is P.  
    2. For HCM vendors, Approved is the default selection in the Status field. Accept this default.
    3. Regular is the default selection in the Persistence field. Accept this default.
Vendor Information tab
  1. Select the Addresses tab. Use the Addresses page to enter a vendor's address information.
  2. The Addresses tab displays.  
  3. Enter valid information into the Description field.
  4. Use the Address Type field to select the type of business address you are entering.
  5. Enter valid value into the Effective Date field.
  6. Select the Edit Address button (Use the Edit Address page to add or edit vendor address details).  
Addresses tab
  1. The Edit Address pagelet displays.
  2. Enter valid value into the Address 1 field.
  3. Enter valid value into the City field.
  4. Enter valid value into the State field.
  5. Enter valid value into the Postal field.
  6. Select the OK button.
Edit Address page
  1. The Address tab displays with updated information.
Address tab updated data
  1. Select the Locations tab.  
  2. Use the Locations page to enter locations for the vendor. Each vendor must have one default location, but can also have multiple locations, including an:
    • Invoicing From,
    • Remit To
    • and Return To Location.
  3. Enter the desired information into the Description field.
  4. Enter valid value into the Effective Date field. (Use the Effective Date field to enter the date on which the location for this vendor becomes active).
  5. Note that the Vendor field displays the name of the vendor receiving the payments.
  6. Select Save.
locations tab
  1. The process for adding a provider/vendor is now completed.
  2. End of procedure.


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