9.2 Creating/Maintaining U.S. and Foreign Citizenship Credentials

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for adding U.S. and foreign citizenship credentials for the purposes of the I-9 form (i.e. Passport, Visa, etc).

NOTE:  The identification data functionality/Citizenship & Visa process does not lend itself to Employee Self Service

Audience: HR Specialists and HR Administrators.

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZC HR Employee Maintenance
  • ZD HR Central Config VW
  • ZD HR Employee Maintenance VW
  • ZD HR Inquiry
  • ZZ HR Employee Maintenance
  • ZZ SS Workforce Administrator

If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

Enter PASSPORT Information

Navigation:  Menu > Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Citizenship > Identification Data

  1. The Identification Data search page displays.
  2. Enter the Empl ID.
  3. Select the Search button.
  4. The Identification Data page displays.
  5. On the Citizenship/Passport Tab:
    • Select a Country
    • Select a Citizenship Status
    • Enter the Passport Number (15 characters max)
    • Select/Enter the Issue Date
    • Select/Enter the Expiration Date
    • The Country field will default the country selected above, change if needed.
    • Select/Enter a State
    • Enter a City (30 characters max)
    • Enter the Authority (50 characters max)
    • Enter a comment in the Comment box, if necessary
  1. Select the Visa/Permit tab.  
    PLEASE NOTE:  The Get Supporting Documents function builds a list of documents needed based on the Visa type and other details.  It is more or less a checklist and a function currently not used.
  2. On the Visa/Permit Data Tab:
    • Enter/Select the Country
    • Enter/Select the Type
    • The Effective Date will default to today's date, change if needed
    • Enter a Duration (numerical)
    • Select the Type of Duration
    • Enter the Issue Date
    • Enter the document Number
    • Enter the Date of Entry into the Country
    • Enter the Expiration Date
    • Enter the Issuing Authority (50 characters max)
    • Enter the Issue Place (30 characters max)
    • Select Save
  3. Select the Employee Photo tab.
  4. The Employee Photo page displays.
  5. Select on the Add button (this will prompt you to upload an existing file).
  6. The File Attachment pagelet displays.
  7. Choose the appropriate file (should be a jpeg copy of the Employee's Passport picture which should have been copied).
  8. Select the file.
  9. Select the Upload button.
  10. The Employee Photo page displays.
  11. Note: This is also where you can keep a photocopy of the Driver's License.
  12. Select the Save button.

HELPFUL TIP:  To update any of this information (new expiration dates, etc.), click the [+] to add a new effective dated row.

For auditing expiration of these credentials, use the QHC_HR_JOB_VISA_EXP query. Contact your local Security Administrator for access to Query Manager.

End of procedure.

Video Tutorial

The video below demonstrates the process actions described in steps listed above.  There is no audio included with this video.  Select the play button to start the video.

Video Tutorial via Panopto

View the external link to Creating/Maintaining U.S. and Foreign Citizenship Credentials.  This link will open in a new tab/window.


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