9.2 Using Maintain Flags

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference for viewing the delivered page Maintain Flags in ctcLink.

Audience:  Benefits Administrators, Payroll Administrators.

 The process Primary Job Flag Update (M-044) is run by Payroll administrators as part of the payroll process twice a month. It sets the Benefits Primary Flag to the job (Empl Record) being paid so Benefit deductions are taken on the correct payroll cycle.

NOTE:  While the process will move the flag indicator so that benefits will be deducted from the correct job, this flag will only be moved if the employee holds multiple jobs within the same Pay Group.  If the employee needs their Primary Job Flag moved to an EMPL Record that is associated with a different Pay Group than benefits were deducted from previously, it must be done manually through the Maintain Flags page.

Use Maintain Flags

Primary Job Flag Update

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Payroll for North America > CTC Custom > CTC Processes > Primary Job Flag Update

  1. The Primary Job Flag Update search page displays.
  2. Enter the Run Control ID if known; otherwise, select the Add a New Value tab.
  3. Enter the new Run Control ID.
  4. Select Search or the Add button.
Primary Job Flag Upate run control
  1. The Primary Job Flag Update page displays.
  2. Select the Company.
  3. Select the Pay Period End Date.
  4. Select the Run button.  
Primary Job Flag Update page
  1. The Process Scheduler Request window displays.
  2. Select the OK button.
Process Scheduler Request Page
  1. The Primary Job Flag Update page displays.
  2. Make a note of the Process Instance number.
  3. Select the Process Monitor link.
Process Instance and Monitor
  1. The Process Monitor page displays.
  2. From the Process List tab, select the Refresh button until the Run Status equals "Success" and the Distribution Status equals "Posted".
Process List tab
  1. The process to update the primary flag is now complete.

Maintain Flags

After the Payroll process has been run, if a change was made, it will be reflected in this view only page accessible by Benefits admins.

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Benefits > Maintain Primary Jobs > Maintain Flags

  1. The Maintain Flags search page displays.
  2. Enter the Empl ID.
  3. Select the Search button.

NOTE:  Due to the process that Payroll runs to set this flag, there is no manual entry needed in this area unless the Pay Group of the EMPL Record for benefits deductions needs to change in relation to the payroll period being processed.

Maintain Flags
  1. The Maintain Flags page displays for the selected employee.
  2. Use the arrows to navigate through changes in the record and the effective dates the changes are associated with, based on if the process needed to assign a new primary indicator to be able to pay out benefits correctly during payroll processing.
  3. A new effective date is only inserted if there is a change, otherwise the process will not insert a row.
Maintain Flags page
  1. The Maintain Flags process has been completed.

Distinction Between Job Primary Indicator and Benefits Primary Job Flag

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job Data

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Benefits > Maintain Primary Jobs > Maintain Flags

  1. Job Data has a field called Job Indicator, and this field will tell you if a particular Empl Record is the Primary Job or one of any of possible additional Secondary Jobs.  Commonly, these are referred to as “Primary Flag” and “Secondary Flag” however, the Job Indicator in Job Data has absolutely nothing to do with the Benefits Primary Job flags.
Secondary Job work location
  1. In Job Data an employee can only have a single Primary Job through all jobs held in all colleges, so there will be one primary and many secondaries.  The Benefits Primary Job flag, however, is unique to a school.


NOTE:  This means that every employee with active jobs at multiple colleges will have a Primary Job in every institution.

Maintain flags page
  1. In the above example, this employee works at both Spokane and Tacoma.  In Tacoma they have two jobs.  Both Tacoma and Spokane need one of their jobs marked as the Primary Job in respect to Benefits.  

NOTE:  However, of all three of those jobs in the system, only one of them will have a Primary Job Indicator in Job Data and the other two will have Secondary Job Indicators.

It’s important to remember that there is a distinction between Benefits Primary Job Flag and Job Data Primary Job Indicator.

  1. End of procedure.


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