9.2 Using Treasury WorkCenter

Purpose:  The Treasury WorkCenter provides users with the ability to analyze, review, and manage cash, financial gateway, exceptions, and related data. It offers access to a variety of pages and information to perform daily tasks without navigating between different menus.

Audience:   Treasury/Cash Management staff.

Role required:  ZZ Treasury WorkCenter.

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZZ Treasury Workcenter

If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

The WorkCenter is divided into two tabs; the Main tab and the Reports/Queries tab.

There are two sections in the Main tab which are My Work and Links. My Work provides information about work that needs to be done that are specific to the business processes in the module. The Links section navigates to commonly used menu items so that you can click directly to the item without leaving the WorkCenter.

There are also two sections on the Reports/Queries Tab which are Queries and Reports/Processes. The Queries section contains the most used queries for your job and allows you to add additional Queries that are useful. The Reports and Processes section contains navigation links to online reports and processes.

Using the Treasury WorkCenter

To collapse sections, use the arrowhead. After a section is expanded, you may have to resize your window.  Drag the dotted handle '..........' to resize the pagelet when needed.

Treasury WorkCenter page

Setup of WorkCenter Filters

Navigation: NavBar > Navigator > Cash Management > Treasury WorkCenter

  1. The Treasury WorkCenter displays.

My Work:  Users will need to define the scope of what displays in My Work. Any link that is **red has not been activated. To activate a link, it is necessary to set up a filter to specify parameters used to retrieve the data - such as the user’s Business Unit ID and/or Empl ID.

Cash menu
  1. Select the Edit Filters hyperlink to open the Edit Filter page.
Edit filters
  1. Select the View All hyperlink to view all links in each section of My Work.

Note the warning message **Required filter field value not defined. Make sure to enter the correct field values to enable your WorkCenter to function/process successfully.

Required filter field value not defined
  1. Select each Configure Link(s) (pencil icon) to open the Configure Scope Links page and input filter parameters, such as Business Unit.
edit filter
  1. Enter the appropriate fields and select OK.
Configure Filter Values
  1. Repeat the above steps to activate each My Work link displayed in red. The My Work area is ready for use when all filters are activated. Once activated, links will change colors from Red to Blue or Black.
    • Links displayed in Blue indicate active links that have items requiring action.
    • Links displayed in Black indicate active links, but no items in that link require action.

Note:  When changes are made in the Treasury WorkCenter areas, you will be prompted to refresh the pagelet to see your changes. Click on the Refresh icon in that area.

refresh page icon

Once the Edit Filters have been activated, optional to personalize how My Work appears.

  1. On the Main tab, select the three dot icon and select Personalize.
Personalize link
  1. The Define User My Work Links page displays.
  2. Select the View All hyperlink or use the arrows to scroll to view pages.
View All or scroll to view pages
  1. On this page, you can indicate the display order, if you want the groups collapsed or expanded, if the count or link should display, or if the link should open on the Treasury WorkCenter starting page.
My work Pagelet Personalization

Field Descriptions on the Personalization Page.

Personalization descriptions

Personalizing Columns Using the Grid Action Menu

Once inside a Transaction page of the WorkCenter, you are able to customize it further using the Grid Action Menu icon or Download results to Excel.

  1. Under My Work section, select the blue link to display the results in the transaction area.
  2. Select the spreadsheet-looking icon called the Grid Action Menu icon.
spreadsheet looking icon
  1. Select Personalize to personalize the column criteria.

Or select Download Accounting Summary Table to Excel and the results will open up a new window in Excel.

Personalize sub menu
  1. The Grid Customization window displays.
  2. Personalize Column and Sort Order as needed. Optional to preview changes using the Preview button.
  3. Select OK to return to the Transaction page.

The example below moves the 'Description' closer up on the transaction page. Also note that you can hide and freeze columns by highlighting the item then selecting the Hidden or Frozen check boxes.

Move Description up
  1. Note the Column order has been updated.
Column order updated

Links in the WorkCenter take you directly to the pages that you need to perform your job functions. You can click the link to open the page in the Work Area. Or you can click the icon to the left of the link to open the page in another browser.

Review bank statements opens in work area

Reports/Queries Main Tab

The Reports/Queries main tab has two pagelet sections; Queries and Reports/Processes.  

Queries Pagelet Detail

The Queries pagelet includes links to queries that you may want to access frequently. 

  1. The Payments arrowhead expands to display links to these Query/Transaction pages:
    • High Value Payments
    • Payment Type Statistics
    • Gateway Payment Activity
  2. The General section includes links to these Transaction pages:
    • Account Register Report
    • Auto Reconciliation Errors
    • Auto Reconciliation Exceptions
    • Treasury Accounting Entries
    • Resets by Period
Queries sections

Reports/Processes Pagelet Detail

The Reports/Processes section includes access to frequently used reports and processes. The links in this section take you directly to the Run Control page for common reports or processes.

  1. The Reports section has links to reports:
    • Bank Account Register
    • Cash Sweep Summary
  2. The Processes section has links to common processes:
    • Automated Accounting
    • Automatic Reconciliation
    • Import Bank Statements
    • Process Statement Accounting
  3. The Monitor section has links to:
    • Process Monitor
    • Report Manager
Reports Processes Monitor

Personalizing within the Reports/Queries tab

Queries - The Queries section displays commonly used Queries for your Treasury WorkCenter.

Personalize Queries - Optional to personalize the way that the Queries section appears on your WorkCenter.

  1. Select the three dot icon and select Personalize.
3 dot icon personalize submenu
  1. The Define User Query Links page displays.    
  2. On this page you can configure the display order (if the second query should display before the first, then give the second query a Display Order value lower than the first query), the show link, and starting page options.
display order in Query Groups section
  1. Optional to add Queries to the WorkCenter. Select the plus icon to add a new Query Group.
select plus icon to add new query group
  1. Input a Group Label and display order, example below is 'Favorite Queries'.
  2. In the Query Definition section, input the Display Order then the Query Name.  
  3. Select the magnifying glass look up tool in this field to use the basic or advanced lookup as needed.  
  4. Optional to select the plus/minus icons at the end of the row to add/delete row(s).
  5. Select Save.
Queries Pagelet Personalization page updates
  1. A message will display to refresh the pagelet to see your changes. Select OK.
  2. Close out the Personalization page to return to the WorkCenter.
Refresh the pagelet to see changes

Refresh the pagelet to see your changes.  The added Query Group and new queries will then be available.

Refresh icon

Optional to select three dot to personalize or build onto the Reports/Processes pagelet.

Reports/Processes 3 dot icon
  1. Process complete.