9.2 Responding to Job Offers (Fluid)

Purpose:  To respond to job offers in ctcLink self-service.

Audience:  Employees.

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • Internal Applicant Fluid
  • ZZ HCM Manager
  • ZZ PeopleSoft User

If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

Use the Job Search page to begin all job search activities, including reviewing and acting on job offers.

If you received job offers, the My Job Notifications group box includes text indicating how many offers exist.

Use the My Job Notifications page to review offer documents, to accept or reject the offer, and to return completed documents to the recruiting team.  The My Job Notifications page includes the offer and a notification of the offer. You can delete the notification, but the offer remains in the Job Offers grid, until it expires.

Both the links take you to the Job Offer page.

Responding to a Job Offer

Navigation: Home Page > Careers Tile

  1.  The Careers page displays.
  2. From the My Notifications group box, select the link to the applicable offer.
  3. The My Notifications page displays.
  4. The Job Title and Job ID identify the job that you are being offered.
  5. The status field indicate the current status of the job offer. The possible statuses are:
    • New: The offer has been posted, but the applicant has not yet viewed it.
    • Viewed: The applicant viewed the offer, but has not yet acted on it.
    • Accepted: The applicant accepted the offer.
    • Rejected: The applicant rejected the offer.
    • Expired: The offer expired without being accepted or rejected.
  6. Carefully note the Expiration Date. If you have not acted on the offer before this date, the offer will no longer be actionable.
  7. Select the [>] icon to the right to view the job offer.
  8. The Job Offer page displays.
  9. Review the documents in the Step 1: Review Offer section.
  10. Select the Offer Letter link.
  1. A new browser window displays requesting how you wish to view the document. Respond as preferred.
  2. The letter displays for your review.
  3. Close the open window to return to Job Offer page.
  4. From the Step 2:  Accept/Reject Offer section, select the Accept button.
    • The Accept button is not available until you acknowledge that you have reviewed and understood the offer details.
    • The Reject button, however, does not require any acknowledgments.
  5. NOTE:  Accepting or rejecting an offer is not reversible. After you have accepted or rejected an offer, the Accept and Reject buttons become unavailable.
  6. A confirmation message displays.  Select the OK button to confirm your intention to accept the offer.
  7. From the Step 3: Return Documents section, upload documents that you want to send to the recruiting team. Select the Add Document button if applicable.
  8. The File Attachment pagelet displays. Select the My Device link.
  9. Select the file to be uploaded. Select the Upload button.
  10. The Upload Complete status displays. Select the Done button.
  11. The Document Description pagelet displays.
  12. Enter the preferred file name into the Description field.
  13. Select the Save button.
  14. The Job Offer page displays.
  15. The document you uploaded appears in the grid. You can use the Remove button to delete any attachments that you uploaded in error.
  16. To send documents to the recruiting team, select the check boxes for the documents that you want to send.
  17. Select the Send to Recruiter button.
  18. The Send to Recruiter pagelet displays.
  19. Use the Send Notification to Recruiter page to add a message and then send the attached files to the recruiter.
  20. Enter the Subject.
  21. Enter information into the Notes text box.
  22. Select the Send button.
  23. The Job Offer page displays. Notice the confirmation of job acceptance.

The process to respond to a job offer is now complete.


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