9.2 Managing Applications

Purpose:  To manage applications via the Search Job Openings page in ctcLink.

Audience:  HR Specialists.

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZZ Hiring Manager
  • ZZ Interested Party
  • ZZ Recruiter
  • ZZ Recruiting Admin Local

If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

The Manage Application page provides a unified view of all recruiting activity for an applicant for a single job opening (or an application without a job opening). 

The applicant's current disposition appears alongside one-click actions for the most common recruiting actions, and an Other Actions menu provides access to additional actions.

A set of tabs displays detailed information about each recruiting phase that the applicant has gone through. Users can review:

  • The job application, resume, and questionnaire results.
  • Applicant notes.
  • Details associated with each recruiting phase: routing details, interview details, offer details, and hiring details.
  • Additional related information including applicant checklists, contracts, pre-employment checks, and salary package models.

Data shown on the Manage Application page is read-only, but links provide immediate access to the related transaction pages, where users can make any necessary updates.

Managing Applications

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Recruiting > Search Job Openings

  1. The Job Search Openings search page displays.
  2. Enter the Job Opening ID.
  3. Select the Search button.
Search Job Openings search page
  1. The Search Results display.
  2. Select the Job Opening link. 
Search Results
  1. The Manage Job Opening page displays.  
  2. Use the Manage Job Opening page to manage job openings and their applicants.
  3. Select the Application icon.
Manage Job Opening page
  1. Use the Manage Application page to review and manage activity related to a single applicant for a single job opening.  
  2. The Applicant section of the page displays identifying information about the applicant along with useful information such as:
    • the applicant type,
    • applicant status,
    • the number of jobs that the applicant has applied for,
    • and the applicant’s primary contact information.
  3. The Job Opening section of the page displays identifying information about the job opening along with useful information such as the primary hiring manager and primary recruiter.
  4. The Process Application section displays:
    • the applicants current disposition,
    • the reason supplied when the current disposition was assigned, 
    • the date that the current disposition was assigned,
    • and several action buttons.
  5. Use the Mark Reviewed action to update the applicant’s disposition.
  6. Use the Route action to  route an applicant to another employee to get a recommendation regarding the next step in the recruiting process.
  7. Use the Interview action to schedule and manage applicant interviews.
  8. Use the Reject action to update an applicant's disposition to show that the applicant has been rejected.
  9. Use the Other Actions menu to perform several recruiting and applicant actions.
Manage Application page
  1. Below the Process Application section are tabs that display detailed recruiting information.
  2. NOTE:  A tab is visible only if the relevant data exists.
  3. The Application and Resume tab displays data from the Application Details page. This is the only tab that is always visible.
Application and Resume tab
  1. Select the Questionnaire tab if visible.
  2. Use the Questionnaire tab to review the job opening questionnaire and the applicant’s answers (if any) to the questions.
  3. The questions from the questionnaire are displayed.
  4. For multiple choice questions, the page displays the question and a grid showing all possible answers.
  5. Within the grid, check marks in the Correct Answer column identifies the correct answers.
  6. Check marks in the Selected Answer column indicate the applicant’s answers.
Questionnaire tab
  1. Select the Notes tab if visible.
  2. Use the Notes tab to review applicant notes. You can select the notes to view the details in the Note Details section.
Notes tab
  1. Select the Route tab if visible.
  2. Use the Route tab to review applicant routings, including responses from the people to whom the applicant was routed.
  3. The Route tab displays the same information that appears on the Route Applicant page.
  4. To update a routing (for example, to update the overall routing status), select the Edit Routing link.
  5. The Edit Routing page displays.
  6. To create a new routing, select the Add New Routing button.
  7. Both actions display the Route Applicant page.
Route tab
  1. Select the Interview tab if visible.
  2. Use the Interview tab to review a summary of the applicant’s interviews for this job opening and to enter the final recommendation for the applicant based on the interviews.
  3. The Interview tab displays the information that appears on the Manage Interviews page.
  4. You can view the Final Recommendations and the Interview Evaluations under the Interview Details section. The tab also provides buttons for creating new interview schedules and new interview evaluations.
  5. The fields in the Final Recommendation group box are read-only.
  6. To update these fields, select the Edit Final Recommendation link to access the Edit Final Recommendation page.
Interview tab
  1. Select the Offer tab if visible.
  2. Use the Offer tab to review applicant offers and to accept, reject, or edit the offers.
Offer tab
  1. Select the Hire tab if visible.
  2. Use the Hire tab to review applicant hire details.
Hire tab
  1. The process to view the activity and application details of an applicant is now complete.
  2. End of Procedure.


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