9.2 Reviewing Career Search Activity (Fluid)

Purpose:  Use this document to review career search activity in ctcLink.

Audience:  HR Administrators.

Review Career Search Activity via Self Service

Navigation:  Home Page > Careers Tile

Home page
  1. The Careers page displays.
  2. Select the My Job Applications link.
Careers page
  1. The My Job Applications page displays.
  2. NOTE: Once an application has been submitted, you cannot modify it.
  3. The Status field displays Submitted if the application has been submitted, and Not Submitted if the application was saved for later and the applicant is able to continue with job application.
  4. You may withdraw your application by selecting the Withdraw Application link,
  5. To review the submitted applications, select the [>] icon to the right of the Job Title to review the submitted application.
My Job Applications page
  1. The Application Summary page displays.
  2. To return to previous page, select the My Jobs Applications link in the top left corner.
Application Summary
  1. The My Job Applications page displays.
  2. The My Resumes grid lists the resumes that you included in your job applications. You can view a resume by selecting its title, but you cannot modify it.
  3. If the resume is a file that you uploaded, the file name appears in the Attached File field.
  4. If you entered the resume text online, the Attached File column is blank.
  5. The My Cover Letters and Attachments grid lists the non-resume attachment that you uploaded.
  6. Select the file name to open the attached file.
  7. Selecting the [>] Edit icon allows you to access the Edit Attachments pagelet, where you can view the attachment type and purpose.
My resumes section
  1. The Edit Attachment pagelet displays.
  2. To remove an attachment, you can select the Delete icon.
  3. Select the Cancel button to return to the My Job Applications page.
Edit Attachment pagelet
  1. The My job Applications page displays.
  2. You can select the Add Attachment button to open the Add attachment pagelet, where you can upload a new attachment.
Add Attachment button
  1. The Add Attachment pagelet displays.
  2. Select the Cancel button to return to the My Job Applications page.
Add Attachment pagelet
  1. You have now successfully reviewed career search activity.
  2. End of procedure.


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