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9.2 Create Job Openings - End to End Process (Navigation to include Fluid Tile and NavBar)

Purpose:  Use this document to work through the process of creating a job opening and entering job details, to include; adding a hiring team, adding qualifications, screening criteria and creating a job posting.

Audience: Recruiting Administrator

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZZ HCM Manager
  • ZZ Hiring Manager
  • ZZ Interested Party
  • ZZ Recruiter
  • ZZ Recruiting Admin Local

If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

Create Job Openings - End to End Process

This QRG has  sections - Select the arrow next to the section heading to expand if needed.

Creating a Job Opening - Using Fluid Tile Navigation

Navigation: Recruiting Homepage > Recruiting Activities Tile

Manager Self Service Tiles, Recruiting Activities tile selection
  1. The Recruiting Activities page displays with a list of navigation collections to select.
  2. Select the Create menu to expand.
Recruiting navigation, Create menu
  1. Select the Create Job Opening option from the sub-menu.
Create Job Opening menu

Creating a Job Opening - Using Alternative Navigation

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Recruiting > Create Job Openings

Regardless of which navigation is used, continue with the following steps after navigating to the Create Job Opening page.

Primary Job Opening Information Page
  1. The Primary Job Opening Information page displays.
  2. Select the Job Opening Type field drop-down menu and select:
    • Select Standard Requisition for job openings with a posting end date; or
    • Select Continuous for job openings that your college/agency is always hiring for (i.e. adjunct).
  3. The Business Unit defaults, per the Users institutional security access, change if necessary.
  4. Select the Department lookup icon and select the desired department. HCM Department numbers begin with 98 and 99 and are associated with a Company Code; all other departments are used for accounting purposes and will not list the appropriate positions.
  5. Select the Position Number lookup icon and select the desired position, or enter the position number if known, if applicable.

Note: Once the Position Number is selected, it will pre-fill the remaining fields.

Job Openings can be created without a position number; however, the position information will not auto-populate into the Job Data during the Hire Process.

  1. If no position number was added in previous step, complete the remaining fields.
  2. Select the Job Code lookup icon and select the desired job code, or enter the Job Code if known.
  3. Select the Recruiting Location lookup icon and select the desired location.
  4. Change the Job Posting Title.
  5. Select the Continue button.
Job Details
Entering Job Details
  1. The Job Opening page displays.
  2. Use this page to enter information about the job opening being created.
  3. Select the Openings to Fill drop-down menu:
    • Select the Limited Number of Openings option for Standard job opening types (change the number of Target Openings if needed), or
    • Select Unlimited Number of Openings for Continuous job opening types.
    • The Establishment ID, Business Unit, and Company fields default to the appropriate values. If fields are blank, leave them blank.
Job Details tab
  1. DepartmentStatus Code, and Status Date default to the appropriate values.
  2. Select the appropriate Status Reason option.
  3. Enter the desired start date for the job opening in the Desired Start Date field.
  4. Encumbrance DateProjected Fill DateDate Authorized, and the Referral Program ID fields are not used.
  5. Select the appropriate Recruitment Contact.
Department, status code and status date page
  1. Select the Add Recruiting Location button to add additional locations.
  2. Select the Add Recruiting Locations button to add additional recruiting locations.
  3. The Position information will pre-populate if selected during the standard creation of the job opening. Use this section to add additional positions if there is more than one vacancy to fill for this job opening.
  4. If applicable, enter the Employee ID of the employee being replaced or select the Add Employee button if multiple employees are being replaced.
locations, recruiting locations, positions and employees being replaced page
  1. In the Additional Job Specification section, the information defaults from the job code and position data. Enter or update the Staffing Information and Salary Information sections, if necessary.
Additional job specifications page
Adding a Hiring Team

The Assignments section is where you can add individuals who are involved in hiring for the job opening.

  1. Select Add Recruiter button and select the lookup icon.
    • Select the Add Recruiter Team to auto-populate the list of Recruiters at your college/agency.
  2. The Look Up Recruiter ID pagelet displays.
  3. Enter the First Name or Last Name (Number 3 on image).
  4. Select the Search button. The Search Results display (Number 4 on image).
  5. Select the Empl ID link from the results (Number 5 on image).
Recruiters and Look up Recruiter ID pages
  1. The Recruiter is added.
Recruiters section
  1. To add multiple recruiters, select Add Recruiter Team.
Add Recruiter name section
  1. The Add Team page displays.
  2. In the Select column, select the box next to the appropriate team.
  3. Select the OK button.
Add Team section
  1. The Job Opening page displays with updated results.
Recruiters Names section
  1. To assign a Hiring Manager for the job opening, select Add Hiring Manager and repeat process from prior section.

Advisory: Only employees with Hiring Manager security role will appear in this menu option.

Hiring Managers page
Look up manager ID page
  1. To add a Hiring Manager Team, select Add Hiring Manager Team and repeat process from prior section.
Hiring Managers name page
Add Team page
Hiring Managers names page
  1. Use the same process to complete the following sections as needed:
    • Interviewers
    • Interested Parties
Adding Qualifications
  1. Select the Qualifications tab from the Job Opening page.
  2. The Qualifications section displays.
  3. Select the Highest Education Level, if applicable.
  4. Enter the Years of Work Experience required for the position, if applicable.
Work Experience and Education section
  1. Select the Add Degrees button to add a specific type of degree required for the position, if needed.
  2. The Add Degrees pagelet displays.
  3. The Date Acquired field defaults to today's date, change if needed.
  4. Select the lookup icon in the Degree field to select the degree required for the position. This is a required field for this section; all other fields are optional but require manual entry.
  5. Select Save or Save and Add Another if adding more than one degree.
Add Degrees page
  1. Select the Add Language Skills button to add a specific language required for the position, if needed.
  2. The Add Language Skills pagelet displays.
  3. The Evaluation Date field defaults to today's date, change if needed.
  4. Select the lookup icon in the Language field to select the degree required for the position. This is a required field for this section; all other fields are optional.
  5. Select Save or Save and Add Another if adding more than one language type.
  6. The Proficiency (Reading, Speaking, and Writing) fields are optional but can be rated a Low, Moderate, or High.
Add Language Skills page
  1. To add additional qualifications, repeat steps in the above section.
  2. To add Employment Questions or Skills Questions, select Add Employment Question button.
  3. The Add Employment Question pagelet displays.
  4. Select the look up icon, to search for the desired question.
  5. Select the question.
  6. In the Question Order field, enter the number for which this question should appear in sequentially.
  7. Check the “Required” box if the question is required.
Employment Questions page
  1. To add a set of questions, select the Load from Question Set button.
  2. The Select Questions Sets pagelet displays.
  3. The list of predefined Question Sets will appear.
  4. Select the desired Question Set.
  5. Select the OK button at the bottom of the page.
Question Set page
  1. The predefined questions will auto-fill in the Employment Questions section.
  2. Update the Question Order as needed.
Employment Questions page
  1. To add Skills Questions, if applicable, repeat the steps above for Employment Questions.
Skills Questions page

Please note: Question Sets are predefined and will be defaulted on the job opening. Any question not included in the predefined Question Set will need be to manually selected/entered at this time.

Adding Screening Criteria
  1. Select the Screening tab to add screening criteria for this job opening.
  2. Select the CTC Online Screening link to add questions to the screening levels.
Screening tab
  1. The Screening Criteria page displays.
  2. In the Screening Requirements section, you can do the following:
    • Select the Edit Details link to edit the assigned point value for a specific question.
    • Check the Use in Screening box to assign the question to this screening level.
    • Check the Required box to restrict applicants from skipping the question.
  3. Select Apply.
  4. Select the OK button.
Screening Requirements page
Adding Job Posting Details
  1. Select the Job Postings tab.
  2. Select the Add Job Posting button.
Job Postings tab
  1. The Posting Information page displays.
  2. The Posting Title will auto-populate from the Job Opening Details but can be updated for the posting, if desired.
Posting information page
  1. Select the Description Type from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select the Template from the drop-down menu (should coincide with the Description Type).
  3. Select the Visibility from the drop-down menu (only three options; Internal and External or both).
  4. Select the Add Posting Description to add more than one description.
Job Description page
  1. The Job Posting Destinations section displays.
  2. Select a destination that is pertinent to your college, for example-State Board would use SBCTC Career Site for the Destination.
  3. Select the Posting Type (Typically Internal and External, one line for each type).
  4. Select the Relative Open Date (this is the date you want the Posting to go live).
  5. Enter the Post Date (this field will autofill based on the option selected for the Relative Open Date).
  6. Select the Remove Date.
  7. Enter Posting Duration, if needed (this field will autofill based on the option selected for the Post and Remove dates).
  8. Select the Preview button to view the posting draft (there is an option to view both the External and Internal posting).

Note:  Each Posting Destination must be added individually by Selecting Add Posting Destination. Then Repeat steps above steps for each destination.

Job Posting Destinations page
  1. The Job Description page displays.
  2. Select the Switch to Internal View link, if posting details have been set up different for internal candidates.
  3. Select Return to Previous Page.
Job Description page
  1. The Posting Information page displays; make edits to the posting description if needed.
  2. Select the OK button.
  3. The Job Opening page displays.
  4. Select Save and Submit.

NOTE:  Job Openings will be posted/updated at approx. 8:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 4:00 PM and again at 8:00 PM.  You may not see the posting immediately-please check back for posting to show.

Job Postings tab
  1. The process to create a job opening is now complete.
    • If approval is required, the job opening will be routed for review and approval.
    • The Approval Tab will appear
    • The Status of the Job Opening will change from Draft to Pending or Open if approval is not required.
  2. End of procedure.


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