9.2 Performing Voucher Build

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for performing voucher build in ctcLink.

Audience: Accounts Payable staff.

Performing Voucher Build

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Accounts Payable> Batch Processes > Vouchers> Voucher Build

  1. On the Voucher Build Request search page, select the Add a New Value tab.  
  2. Enter a Run Control ID.
  3. Select Add. The Voucher Build Request page displays.
Voucher Build  Request - Add a New Value tab
  1. On the Voucher Build Request page, enter the Run Control Options.
  2. Enter Request ID.
  3. Enter Description.
  4. Enter From Date
  5. Enter To Date
  6. Select Process Process Option.
  7. Select Voucher Sources.
    1. For Voucher Sources you can select a source or populate "All (Unrrestricted)" to get all sub system vouchers. 
  8. Select Business Unit - Your Institution
  9. In the Interfaces Section, select "All Interfaces" in Voucher Build Interfaces.  The Contract Voucher Action field will display.
  10. Select "Build Voucher" in Contract Voucher Action.
  11. Select Run.  View the Process Scheduler QRG for additional instructions.
  1. Process complete.


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