1099 WH Manual Adjustments

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference for manually maintaining 1099 withholding transactions in ctcLink.

Audience:  Accounts Payable staff

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZZ 1099 Processing

If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

You can adjust withholding manually if necessary. This process is for manually adjusting posted withholding transactions by Supplier or adding withholding entries from a legacy or third-party system.

Whenever possible, we advise you to make your adjustments through “Withholding Supplier Update” or “Withholding Invoice Line Update”. These types of adjustments update the underlying Withholding tables, unlike the manual adjustments which only update the Withholding Transaction table.

1099 WH Manual Adjustments

Navigation: Suppliers > 1099/Withholding > Maintain > Adjust Withholding

  1. The Withholding Adjustment search page displays. Enter field values:
    1. Enter Supplier SetID = "WACTC".
    2. Enter Supplier ID of the supplier you are updating.
    3. Enter your college-specific Supplier Location.
  2. Select Search.
Enter existing value
  1. The Withhold Adjustments page displays. Enter field values:
    1. Enter Business Unit.
    2. Enter Entity = "IRS".
    3. Enter Type = "1099N".
    4. Enter Start Date = 01/01/20XX (current year).
    5. Enter Jurisdiction = "FED".
    6. Enter Class = "01".
    7. Enter End Date = 12/31/20XX (current year).
  2. Select Search.
Enter search criteria and select search

The Adjustments section of the page populates with any adjustments already made.  If there are none, you can begin entering adjustments on line 1.  The Short Name for the manually added line will show as “Legacy”.

  1. Enter a new adjustment by inserting a new line.  Select the Add a New Row [+] icon.
  2. On the Main Information tab enter the following:
    • Business Unit: (College specific)
    • Entity = "IRS "
    • Type = "1099N "
    • Jurisdiction = "FED "
    • Class = "01"
    • Rule = "RULE0"
  3. Select the Transaction Info tab.
Adjustments section
  1. The Transaction Info tab displays.
  2. You will enter amounts and dates. Under “Basis Amt,” you will enter the amount on which the Withholding is calculated. This is the basis amount that is reported to the Withholding entity for this payment. It includes the liability amount and is typically the gross amount of the voucher.

The Liability Amount displays the amount of backup withholding that is retained to remit to the withholding entity.  The Paid Amount displays the amount of the withholding liability that has been paid to the withholding entity. These two fields should always be zero.

For Payment Date, all adjustments should have a Payment Date of December 31st of the 1099 reporting year. In addition, the Declaration Date displays the date on which the withholding is declared and is used for withholding entities who use a date other than payment date (accounting date for example) to report withholding transactions.  Because we use Payment Date, it should be the same date that we entered for Payment Date, which is December 31st of the 1099 reporting year.

  1. Select the Adjustment Reason tab.
Adjustments section
  1. The Adjustment Reason tab displays.
  2. This tab is used to record why the adjustment was made. The Creation Date is the date you are entering the adjustment, and the User ID is the person making the adjustment. For the Description, you should include a reference as to why the adjustment was made.

Each transaction row that you enter is then added to the Withholding Transaction table (WTDH_TRXN_TBL). It is also added to or subtracted from the totals already in the Withholding Transaction table.

  1. Select Save.
Adjustment Reason tab
  1. Process complete.


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