9.2 Cancelling a Payment

Purpose:  Use this document to cancel a payment in ctcLink.

Audience:  Finance Staff/Accounts Payable Staff.

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZZ Payment Processing

You must also set these User Preference Definitions:

If you need assistance with the above security roles or User Preference Definitions, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

It is recommended to establish each user with the specific access associated with their job duties and is not recommended to simply copy one user's access to another user as this could lead to overallocation of access. However, there are situations where a group of staff within a single department all require the same access to perform similar work. In that case, the COPY function provides the ability to apply all Process Group definitions from one user to another without having to search and enter each Source Transaction and Process Group combination. 

Please refer to the QRG 9.2 FSCM Security - Process Groups

Cancelling a Payment

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Accounts Payable > Payments > Cancel/Void Payments > Payment Cancellation

  1. The Payment Cancellation search page displays.
  2. Enter Bank Code.
  3. Enter Bank Account.
  4. Enter Payment Reference.
  5. From the Payment Method drop-down menu, select 'System Check'.
  6. Select Search.
Payment Cancellation search page
  1. A list of qualifying payments displays at the bottom of the Payment Cancellation search page.
  2. Select the payment you wish to cancel.
Payment Cancellation page
  1. The Cancel Payment page displays.

Use the Cancel Payment page to cancel payments, reverse a cancellation, or view previously canceled payments.

Use the Date Cancelled field to enter the payment cancellation date if different than the current system date.

Use the Payment Status options to change the payment status.  NOTE:  After posting you cannot undo the cancellation.

Use the Cancel Action options to specify if vouchers can be re-opened after cancellation.

  1. Select the option best suited for your needs:

Cancel Action Options Include:

Re-Open Voucher(s)/Re-issue:  Use to reselect the scheduled payments and reissue them the next time you run a pay cycle, assuming that the vouchers meet the selection criteria for that pay cycle.

IMPORTANT:  If you reopen and reissue the voucher, the existing schedule payment will be cancelled in the Payment Posting process and a new schedule is added.

NOTE:  If you decide to reopen vouchers and reissue, remember that you must run the Payment Posting process twice to record the reversal before those vouchers are available for a new payment selection.  You can undo your cancellation, as long as the canceled payment is not posted.

Re-Open Voucher(s)/Put on Hold: Use to reopen the scheduled payments, but places the reopened scheduled payments on hold for your review.  Select this option if you need to perform additional investigation or revise voucher information before proceeding with payment.  A pay cycle process does not select the scheduled payments until the hold is removed on the Payments page of the Voucher component.

If you select this value, you must also select a reason code in the Hold Reason field.

Do Not Reissue/Close Liability: Use to cancel the payment and close any liabilities associated with it.  The amount of the liability to close is calculated as the amount of unpaid liability remaining. The system takes into account whether the business unit is accounting at gross or net. The Payment Posting process identifies the voucher as process manual close, and the amount of the outstanding liability is reversed the next time the Voucher Processing process runs.

Cancel Reason: Specify a cancel reason for payment cancellations.

Hold Reason: Specify a hold reason for payment cancellations placed on hold.  The system defaults this hold reason into the cancelled payment's new payment schedule.  Select from the following:  Accounting, Amount, CCR Expire (Central Contractor Registry supplier expiration), Cntrct Ret (contract return), Goods, IPAC (Intra-Governmental Payment and Collection System), Other, Quantity, and With hold (withholding hold).

  1. Enter valid value in the Description field.
  2. Select Save.
Cancel Payment page
  1. From the Action drop down menu, Select the Payment Post option.
  2. Select Run.
  1. Process complete.


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