Reporting Verified Students to SBCTC

Purpose: This document provides information about reporting verified student accounts to SBCTC. 

Audience: College staff responsible for verifying student identification documents.

The information included in this document is not related to the FA verification process. This document accounts for the following scenarios:

  • Verifying a student who was previously reported as fraudulent (has an SXF Service Indicator)
  • Verifying a student who is under investigation for fraud (has an SXI Service Indicator)
  • Verifying an SSN for a student that may exist on multiple records
  • Verifying a student is not a duplicate

The SVR Service Indicator is restricted for SBCTC use. College staff should not have SACR Security permissions to add or remove the SVR Service Indicator.

  1. The college verifies the student’s identity/information.
  2. If applicable, the college’s Local Security Administrator (LSA) unlocks the PeopleSoft account on the Distributed User Profile (General tab):
    • If the account exists in HCM, unlocking it within this pillar will also unlock it in other pillars.
    • If the account does not exist in HCM, unlock the account in the CS pillar.
  3. College files a ticket to SBCTC with the following information: (Ticket request type: ctcLink Support > Campus Solutions > CS: Verified Accounts).
    • The steps taken/criteria used to verify the student’s identity (i.e. verified valid photo ID and SSN card in person). Do not attach SSN or other student identification documents to ticket.
    • Confirmation of which verification category applies to this request:
      1. Student was previously reported as fraudulent but has verified identity (provide EMPLID to SBCTC).
      2. SSN verified as belonging to this student despite also being found on another record (provide both EMPLIDs to SBCTC).
        • SBCTC will add an SNR “SSN Removed” Service Indicator to the other student the SSN was removed from.
      3. Student is not a duplicate although a similar student record exists in the system (provide both EMPLIDs to SBCTC).
  4. The CS Core Support team will add an SVR “Stdnt Verified” Service Indicator for the colleges with applicable reason code dependent on the verification categoryAccess to assign/release this Service Indicator is for SBCTC use only. College staff should never assign/add this Service Indicator themselves and instead submit a ticket to your CS Core Support Team.
  5. If the EMPLID was previously reported to SBCTC as a fraudulent account, the following applicable steps will also be taken:
    • “XF” removed from the EMPLID and the EMPLID changed back to the original 9-digit number.
    • SXF Service Indicator released for other colleges.
    • User Profile reviewed to confirm it has been unlocked.
    • Okta account reactivated.
    • OAAP account unlocked.
  6. End of document.

If a student is reported as verified, then a nightly job run by ctcLink Support will auto-remove the SXF and/or SXI Service Indicator from the student's record and will copy the SVR Service Indicator across all colleges. The query QCS_SR_FRAUD_INDICATOR_LIST can be run to determine which college the original Service Indicator was associated with.


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