9.2 OAAP Suspense Management

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for managing suspended applications in ctcLink.

Audience: Admissions Staff.

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZC AD App Entry
  • ZD AD App Entry
  • ZZ AD App Entry
  • SACR - CTM Transaction Security - ADMISSIONS_APPLICATION

If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

Supporting Information:

OAAP Application Emails:

  • Once an OAAP Account is created the connection is permanent: The OAAP account will always be associated with the email used to create it. Additionally, any notifications will go to that email.
  • When a student creates their first application, that application will auto-populate the email address field with the one that they used to create the account.
  • Once they submit an application and a student record (EMPLID) is created, any new applications will be populated by the biodemo in ctcLink at the time. This includes email address. That means, if the email address is updated in ctcLink PRIOR to the application being started THEN that email address will be the one listed on the application.
  • When a subsequent application is processed some, but not all, ctcLink fields with existing data are updated. Email is one of the fields that is not updated. If a student edits the email on the application to an email that is not in ctcLink, and submits that application, that email address will not overwrite the data that already exists in the corresponding ctcLink email field. A query exists to identify these cases: QCS_AD_OAAP_PREF_EML_NOT_PRD.
  • If a student no longer uses the email address that was used to create the account, one option the student can consider is creating a new OAAP account with their current email address, transitioning to that account and submitting any new application from that account. That choice could depend on if they plan to submit additional applications or not/in what quantity.


  • QCS_RA_APPLICATION_STAGING - Query was developed for colleges to identify students prompted by institution in the staging table that are suspended.
  • QCS_AD_OAAP_PREF_EML_NOT_PRD - List of students whose OAAP preferred email is not the same as their ctcLink preferred email.
Application Transactions

Navigation:  Student Admissions > Application Transaction Mgmt > Application Transactions

Navigation: ctcLink CS Staff Homepage > Admissions Processing Tile > Application Transactions

  1. The Application Transactions search page displays. It is recommended to use two computer monitors when processing applications. This allows you to compare records side-by-side before processing the suspended application.
  2. Several search criteria are available. It is recommended to search by Academic Institution and Constituent Status, at a minimum.
  3. Enter the Search Criteria.
  4. Select the Search button.
Application Transactions search page
  1. The Search Results displays.
  2. If no search results are found, remove some criteria for a broader search.
  3. Select a link for the applicable record.  
Search Results

Data on the four tabs (Application Data, Education History, Additional Academic Info, and Supplemental Information) can be validated by comparing it to the data submitted by the student in the Online Admissions Application Portal

  1. The Application Data tab displays.
  2. After information has been updated or validated, select the Constituent Staging link.
Application Data tab
  1. The Summary Information tab displays.  
    • Note:  You can navigate through the other tabs to view applicant Bio/Demo data.
  2. On the Summary Information tab, you can select the Search/Match Results link to view the results found when the application was suspended.  It will open in a new browser window.
Search/Match Results link

Search for records using various combinations of data to avoid adding a duplicate record. Records in suspended status have matched on some pieces of data, such as SSN only, and therefore need to be evaluated carefully.

  1. The Integrated Search Results page displays.
  2. Select the Detail link to view the data for the matched record.
Integrated Search Results page

To access the 'Detail' link, a user must have the ZD CC Personal Information role or they will receive an error stating that they are 'not authorized to access this component.'  Keep in mind, the navigation access granted by the ZD CC Personal Information role extends beyond looking at personal information for students.  It grants access to view personal information to all ctcLink users in the system, even employees. Thus the role should be given with caution.

  1. The Add/Update a Person page - Biographical Details page displays in a new window.
Biographical Details tab
  1. If the record is indeed a match, go to the Search/March Results window and select the Carry ID button.
Carry ID button
  1. Return to the Summary Information tab on the Constituent Staging page in the first window to update the record based on the results found.  Note that the current Constituent Status is "Suspended".
Summary Information tab
  1. After Search/Match is completed, you have several choices in the Constituent Status drop-down menu for processing the suspended record:
    • Add New ID: This will create a new ID in the system. You can assign this status when you have determined that the staging record should be added with a new Student ID.
    • Cancelled: This will do nothing with the suspended record. This status indicates that you have determined the transaction is incomplete, duplicate, or should not be processed further.
    • Ignore: This will do nothing with the suspended record. This status indicates that you have determined this record should be passed over for further processing.
    • Update ID: This status indicates that you have determined an existing record should be updated with the staging data. Once selected, an ID field will open and an ID can be entered. If you selected the Carry ID button in step 7 above, the ID should auto-populate.

If Update ID is selected, the process will update an existing ID with the information provided on the new application for effective dated rows.

  1. Select the appropriate Constituent Status (Update ID or Add New ID).
  2. Input the ID (if required).
  3. Select Run Search/Match/Post to process the application.
Summary Information Tab - Constituent Status Update
  1. The Run Search/Match/Post button is replaced with Post Transaction Data, Constituent Status field = New ID Created, and ID now has a value.
New ID Created

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZC AD App Entry
  • ZD AD App Entry
  • ZZ AD App Entry

If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

  1. Navigate to Application Maintenanceto view the new application.
    • Navigation:  Student Admissions > Application Maintenance > Maintain Applications.
  2. The Maintain Applications search page displays.  Review information.
  3. If, instead of selecting Update ID or Add New ID, you select Cancelled or Ignore, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save. No further processing is required on applications with those statuses.  An example is displayed in the following screenshot.
Application Data tab
  1. Otherwise, you can confirm the new ID assigned to the application from the Maintain Applications page.  In this QRG, the original ID was 201381422.  A new ID is assigned as:  202075163.
  1. Process complete.


Amy Rovner

If we want to cancel or deny an application because it is determined to be fake, should we use Ignore or Cancelled? Thank you!

Tanjagay Martin

Hello Amy, Your question is greatly appreciated; thank you. Please follow your college's fraudulent application business process. The following QRG provides information about managing identified apps. https://ctclinkreferencecenter.ctclink.us/m/79544/l/1404796-reporting-fraudulent-accounts-to-sbctc Have a great day, Amy! ~Tanjagay Martin | CS Core Trainer

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