9.2 Matriculating an Applicant into a Student

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for matriculating a student in ctcLink.

Audience: Admissions Staff

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZC AD App Entry
  • ZD AD App Entry
  • ZZ AD App Entry

You must also set these SACR Security permissions:

If you need assistance with the above security roles or SACR settings, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access

Matriculating an Applicant into a Student

Navigation: Student Admissions > Application Maintenance > Maintain Applications

Navigation: CS > Main Menu > ctcLink CS Staff Homepage > Admissions Processing (tile)> Processing Applications > Maintain Applications

  1. The Maintain Applications search page displays.
  2. Select the Academic Institution.
  3. Enter additional Search Criteria to locate your applicant (Application Nbr, ID, National ID, Last Name/ First Name).
    1. Tip:  Deleting the "0" in the Application Program Nbr field will allow viewing all applications submitted by students.
    2. Select the Include History check box--this also allows a processor to view an applicant's history.
  4. Select Search.
Find an Existing Value
  1. The Biographical Details tab displays. Select the Application Data tab.
  2. In the File Information section, check the Complete box if the application is complete.
    1. Checking the box complete will display in the student's Self-Service.
  3. Enter the Date application is marked complete.
    1. The External Application Nbr is populated when a student applies through the Online Admissions Application Portal (OAAP). This number can be used to look up the original application submitted through Application Search.
Application Data Tab
  1. Select the Application Program Data tab.
Application PRogram Data Tab
  1. The Application Program Data tab displays. In the Program Data section, select the Add a New Row [+] icon; this creates a new date-effective row.
    1. Plan Data. The Academic Plan the student selected on their application (OAAP or paper) will be populated in this field.
    2. Sub-Plan Data. (Optional Field). The Sub-Plan the student selected on their application (OAAP or paper) will display in this field.
Adding a row
  1. The new effective-dated row displays.

If a student wants to enroll in the current term, the effective date for the MATR row must be before the term start date.

For example, a student applies for the fall term and is matriculated on 9/20/2016. However, the term start date is 9/19/2016, so this student would not be term activated and enrolled for fall. In this case, the student's application and matriculation should be backdated prior to 9/19/2016.

  1. In Program Action, select "MATR."
  2. Select Create Program; this matriculates the applicant and creates the Student Program/Plan--Academic Plan & Sub-Plan (Optional).
Entering MATR into the Program Action field
  1. The Create Program button grays out. To reverse, update or alter the Program Action, a new date-effective row must be created.
Selecting Create Program Button Grays Out
  1. Process complete.
Admissions Program Action Description Addition Steps Caused by Action
ADMT - Admit A person has been evaluated and admitted into an academic program.

ADRV - Admission Revocation A person was admitted into an academic program, but it was later determined that the person did not qualify for admission. The individual was assigned a Cancelled status from an Admitted or Active status
When revoking admission for a person who has a current action of Matriculation, and therefore an Active status, you must go to Records and Enrollment to take this action on the Student Program/Plan component. When you revoke admission from Records and Enrollment, the Student program information is deleted and your application information is updated as Cancelled Due to Admission Revocation. If the person never had an action of matriculation, you can add an Admission Revocation action directly in PeopleSoft Recruiting and Admissions.
APPL - Application  A person has an application that is under consideration by an academic program.

COND - Conditional Admit A person has been evaluated and accepted into an academic program on a conditional basis. Along with a Conditional Admit action you can assign a checklist code to help track the outstanding requirements for the conditions of admission.

DATA - Data Change Data relative to an applicant's academic program was changed. This action records the fact that a change was made.

DDEF - Defer Decision  An evaluation was performed on an application, but a decision was not made. This action records the fact that an application has been evaluated. For example, a person applies under an early notification plan. The person is evaluated but does not meet the early decision criteria. The final decision is deferred until the regular decision deadline.

DEFR - Defer Enrollment A person has been admitted and may be active for one admit term but will actually enroll in a later admit term. This action enables you to change the admit term for the applicant and record that he or she is deferring enrollment.

DEIN - Intention to Matriculate A person has indicated intent to matriculate, but has not completed all the steps to become an active student. Reasons can be defined to clarify why the candidate is changed from an admitted status to a Prematriculant status.

DENY - Deny A person has been denied admission to an academic program.

MATR - Matriculation A person has completed all necessary steps to become an active student in an academic program.
When you enter an action of Matriculation, you must click the Create Program button that creates a record for this person in Student Records. You can not save the page until you click this button. After you matriculate the applicant, the component is saved. Also, all fields become unavailable for input because this person now belongs to Student Records.
PLNC - Plan Change The academic plan to which an applicant is applying was changed.

PRGC - Program Change The academic program to which an applicant is applying was changed.

RAPP - Readmit Application A person has applied to reenter a student career and academic program for which he or she already has a student record.
When you choose this action, the Career Number field becomes available for input. You must select which student record should be populated with the readmit information if the student ends up enrolling again. Additionally, if you enter this action, the admit type you enter on the Application Data page must be one associated with readmit processing.
RECN - Reconsideration A person who has a cancelled status for the academic program, but is being reconsidered for admission in the same applicant pool.
After an action of reconsideration is taken, you can admit the applicant. You cannot take an action of Admit if the program status is Cancelled. You must first select a Reconsideration action.
WADM - Administrative Withdrawal A person's application to an academic program has been withdrawn from consideration for admission or from enrollment in a class. This can be done before or after an action of admit has been taken or after the applicant has achieved active status. In addition, reasons can be created to clarify when or why the application was withdrawn.
WAIT - Waitlist A person has been evaluated and may be eligible for admission, but you do not want to offer them admission at this time. For example, there may not be enough space in the class. The candidate is currently active on the waitlist. 
WAOF - Waitlist Offer A person has been evaluated and may be eligible for admission, but you do not want to offer them admission at this time. The candidate has been offered a place on a waitlist, but has not accepted that offer.
WAPP - Applicant Withdrawal A person has withdrawn from consideration for admission or from the entering class. Reasons can be created to clarify when or why the withdrawal occurred. For example, an action of applicant withdrawal with Before Decision as the reason indicates the individual withdrew early enough in the process that no admission decision had been made. A Waitlist Withdrawal reason indicates someone who did not want to accept a place on the waitlist.


Margaret Harrison

What effect does administratively withdrawing an app have on the existing data in the CTC link system?
Example: In the "Applications to be processed" queue our college has over 10 International applicants/students who have actually already been admitted through the international office, but they also have an app in our queue awaiting an action. I prefer to get rid of these from our daily queue. Will administratively withdrawing this app have any consequences within the CTC link system or with their International application?

Tanjagay Martin

Hello Margaret, Great question! When you withdraw an application with the program action WADM, it will no longer appear in the "Application to be Processed" query. When an application is withdrawn, the student's OAAP application status will update to "Cancelled." A few colleges have incorporated a communication business process, informing students that submitting multiple applications can negatively impact a student's record and contact, such as the Advising Dept to change their program/plan of study. What's excellent about WADM, the application is saved in the system for historical purposes, and it will not affect the matriculated application. ~Tanjagay Martin | CS Core Functional Trainer

Sirena Phillips

I'm confused about the difference between Admit and Matriculation.

Tanjagay Martin

Hi Sirena, Thanks for asking such a great question. The " Admit " program action allows colleges to evaluate an application and the student to deny or accept admissions. The Self-Service Admissions Acceptance functionality must be set up. Visit the following QRGs https://ctclinkreferencecenter.ctclink.us/m/79544/l/925107-9-2-selective-admissions-acceptance-using-self-service and https://ctclinkreferencecenter.ctclink.us/m/79544/l/1492522-9-2-maintaining-the-fluid-applicant-ss-setup-configuration. Have a great day, Ms. Sirena. ~Tanjagay Martin | CS Core Trainer

Lina Sagiao-Rios

In OAA, I'm seeing "Prematriculant" as a status. This is new to me, are there any additional steps other than that above?

Tanjagay Martin

Hi Lina, Thank you for your question. It sounds like you are referring to the DEIN admissions program action. If you incorporate DEIN into your business practice, there are no additional steps. However, you can submit a CS Support ticket requesting DEIN Action Reasons. Local query developers can create a query to quickly identify DEIN students for updating the Action Reason to Matriculate "MATR." I appreciate your time, Lina. ~Tanjagay Martin | CS Core Trainer

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